Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To Whomever,

To Whomever in Redmond, Washington; you are a psychopath.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thought Pattern

There is no "seeing your loved ones in heaven" so live everyday letting those around you know they are loved.

Thought Pattern

The only proverb or philosophy you must follow is your own.

Thought Pattern

 god is a social fiction, the master is a mental condition, the structure only exist to those within it, time is only for those who waste it, beliefs are for those who wish not to learn. Believe in yourself, no matter how far from the norm it may be.

Thought Pattern

Today I was told,"You  don't have your priorities straight, today is christmas eve."
I try to live everyday like it's the proverbial christmas. So maybe it is he who has his priorities misaligned.

Thought Pattern

There was once a time when elders would tell stories to teach the young. Often filled with fiction these stories were meant to draw the attention of the youth but to sneak in some facts of life at the same time. It seems as if we have walked away with only the fiction and none of the facts.
Culture, tradition, religion; they have led us down a path of hatred that separates and destroys rather than uniting and uplifting. Take a step away from the dinner table and think of those you are to be giving to. Take a step away from the gift giving and think of those who have nothing to give.
Don't think in terms of what you know, think in terms of what you can learn.

Thought Pattern

Keep Jesus out of Festivus!

Thought Pattern

If those three brown men from the middle east had not used astrology, what would all the white christians believe in?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thought Pattern

Not only do I have better things to do, but I also have nothing to prove. Maybe when you have the same outlook, your mouth will be shut and your heart and mind will be open.

Thought Pattern

We are to obey and respect those who are older, but the same doesn't not always apply to those who are healthier.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thought Pattern

Do people torture animals because it is not look upon as harshly as pedophilia?

Thought Pattern

If I were to safe life is priceless all would agree. If I were to say life can not be bought nor sold, most would agree. If I were to say no matter where you are from or how you were raised we are all equal, I would start to receive arguments. If I were to say non human animals are as equally important as humans, people would begin to laugh.
Think about what you buy and how you spend the most evil of human inventions, money.

Thought Pattern

Student loans should not be the issue. The overall exorbitant price of education in america should be the issue.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Once a Year Show

The greatest thing anyone can say to you is, "You are the reason I am..." Make sure what follows is what you believe and how you live. The most valuable thing in life is friendship.

Thought Pattern

For the rich to get richer the poor must get poorer and the middle class must facilitate both by idolizing the rich and condemning the poor.

Thought Pattern

My friends are more powerful than any idea of a god.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Thought Pattern

White americans are suddenly shocked that an Obama supporter could be racist, all the while they are racist themselves.
You're a fool if you feel this country is less racist because Obama won by majority..

Today's Racism

Two men speaking Cantonese are looking at a table saw. The salesman begins his long pitch to convince them to purchase the machine. During his sales pitch he says to the men, "This machine is simple to assemble. The instructions are written by someone who's first language is english therefor you don't have to translate their chinese." OK so maybe this is just absolute ignorance more than it is racism.

Thought Pattern

Corporations are people and people want to be a brand. What's this world coming to?

Thought Pattern

Which came first, war or hatred.
The more I see people respecting veterans only for the fact that they served in a war, the less I feel secure about peoples sanity. I respect people from the start, but as soon as one's mouth opens and begins to spew toxic ignorance or as soon as one's actions shows they are not who they present themselves to be, I begin to lose all respect.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thought Pattern

Our new society is based on crime. If you are a criminal with large sums of money, you are authority. If you are a criminal just getting by day to day, you will be punished and forced to live in isolation working for the criminals with money. If you live between the legal means which the laws created, you are the pawns of the capitalist agenda. You pawns constantly demonize the poor criminal and are star struck by the criminal with money. You buy the commercial material, you vote for corruption. It's not a political thing and standing right or left does not solve the problem, it only perpetuates it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Today's Racism

 Today's racist quote overhears in one of the famous big box home stores. "That's what happens when you hire cheap labor. I don't even think he spoke english."
This concept of what language one speaks in regard to pay or intelligence makes me wonder what some people think of Stephen Hawking who can not speak at all or Mother Teresa who took a vow of poverty.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Nerd in Me

So by default straight edge people have to love Star Wars. It also goes in hand with the generation of most straight edge people that I know.
First a story as to why I want to discuss this.
A guy next to me had a Chewbacca ring tone which was constantly ringing. When he was off the phone I asks, "by your your ring tone I have to ask if you have seen the new trailer". Now if you are breathing and even remotely like Star War you should know what I mean by "trailer". But this guy says to me, "what trailer?" Ahhh "Star Wars" I said. He then says, "Yeah it's got this really cool new light saber." that was all he got out before Chewbacca began to ring his phone once again.
Now All I have noticed is that this "really cool new lightsaber" is really dumb, and most Star Wars nerds agree.
With that said I am here to chime in on the new teaser trailer.
I haven't seen the trailer. I refuse to pay the $20 to watch a terrible movie to watch an 80 second trailer. But like not voting and complaining about government I can still comment. In the age of Jedis can we have a more technical lightsaber than just a two dimensional weapon that looks like a medieval sword? Would a Jedi not have the ability to channel such a weapon into a multidimensional, say sphere that could not only be used to attack but as a force field to defend self and others?

OK I'm out of nerdom. 393 days till the release!

Thought Pattern

The old math story of boy A gets on train 1 and boy B gets on train 2...
If Fedex receives 2 packages at the same time, the same size and weight leaving from location A and arriving at location B, would both packages arrive at the same time? Of course not!

Thought Pattern

If Bill Cosby went to a Comic Convention in a costume would it be CosCosPlay?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thought Pattern

You tell me diesel is too expensive. So I pay a third more for fuel and get twice the miles per gallon and my engine last four times longer. Do the math dumb american.

Today's Racism

I once worked with a great man who had a solid work ethic that could not be beat. He never too a day off work except for Martin Luther King Day. He was a man of color who demanded respect not by force, but by his simple demeanor. He was born in New York and raised in New York, Queens to be specific. When he learned I was from North Carolina he said to me, "I have traveled all over this world and found the nicest people in the South. When people say racism is only In the South I have to interject and explain to them the worst racism I have ever experienced has been from Northerners."
With that said I am starting a new entry on this blog that gives a quick look into working in the male dominated world of woodworking.
I work with 4 other males, all from the South but one who is from Long Island. I have yet to hear anything racist from any of the men from the South. This entry will cover the things I have heard from the gentleman from the North.
First act of racism; "I lived in Bay Ridge, till the Puerto Ricans took over and ruined it."
Second act; Speaking to another Northerner he was asked if he knew of any good bagel shops, he said, "There was a good one I knew down the road from me but it was ruined when the monkey bus started to stop there."
Maybe there really is a bus of monkeys like that which traveled from New Mexico to Florida for Save The Chimps! If so I want to ride.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thought Pattern

If a doctor gives you a pill that will chemically alter your body you willingly take it in hopes to feel better. If a nutritionist tells you the eat all natural fruits and vegetables you think they are crazy and continue your diet of sickness. Doctors once abided by the Hippocratic Oath,  the man who created this oath also said, "let food be thy medicine."
Money changes everything...

Black For Them, Red For Everyone

Go out and feed the evil machine. Later you will complain about why you are in debt, stressed, and the economy is going down hill. Nothing is made in america any longer and the company that sells the most chinese garbage was founded by a man who strived to sell only made in usa products.
The walton name is meaningless.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thought Pattern

How can vegans rally for more food options when kids are dying from police violence? How can vegans have cupcake sales when kids are dying of starvation in less than a 20 mile radius of the cupcake sale?
Violence is violence; we must work to end it. Not cover it with artificially sweetened icing.

Don't Tell Me...

If you believe people different from you are being killed due to the fact that you and your race perceive them as ignorant for the way they act then you are telling me you are prejudice. If you think for one second that you can judge a person's intellect by their clothes, their attitude, their actions, then you are truly a fool.
To take this prejudice that people of color are lesser than pale people as the reason they are being shot and murdered by police is pure ignorance. Most of these people being shot are not given a second to react, not given a second to even speak, they are being approached and killed.
If a person dresses, speaks, appears different than you, that does not make them a different class or lesser nor greater than anyone else.

Another Day and I Still Don't See Your america

As we celebrate the birth of genocide as we know it from our modern history, let us think of what this country was founded on.
A man born in Italy could not obtain the support of his own country to explore new trade routes. This leads me to two questions. One; why did his own country not want to support him. Two; his travels were supported for trade routes due to growing imperialism. So this countries first initiation into white history is based on capitalism and imperialism by a man not supported by his own country. Not going so could so far.
Although deniers will dispute this, Leif Ericson was the first of the white race to land here. Why is Leif buried in the history annals and not taught in school? Maybe because he didn't set out to find this place for money, maybe he didn't kill enough people, maybe he didn't do it in the name of the all corrupt church. To think a Norse viking didn't kill enough people...
Columbus also used christianity as the reason for his travels. So money and god went hand in hand even back then. Why is our history taught based on what europeans have written and not based on the stories of other cultures? Why are these other cultures quelled and culled from the planet as if a plague? Could it be these other cultures rather Kenyan or Iroquois have lived in harmony with nature and never against it?

Thought Pattern

If conservatives want less government, why do they want government involved in marriage?

Thanks a Lot Friends

The truth will always create staunch enemies. The truth will get you into places you may not want to be. The truth will give you the strongest friends. The truth will give you reason to thank those friends for getting you to where you are today. Thanks to all those who helped me along the way, thanks to all those I have been fortunate enough to meet. Thanks to those who helped me help others. Thanks to those who came and went. Thanks to my adversaries.

Stretch Arm Strong "Outside Looking In" from Rituals of Life
The greatest project I ever took part in.
Thanks for making me who I am!

POP! POP! POP! Culture

As society sinks into it's self created abyss I have refrained from reading or watching the news. I try to spend my time learning more about woodworking, architecture, and random nits of pop culture. Unfortunately death by police has crept into our pop culture and reading about another black man killed by a white cop can not be avoided.
I could go into how my disdain for law enforcement manifested as a teenager, but it is a moot point considering some people are born with this lack of respect based on their complexion. As I have said before this problem is based on white males fearing males of color for so many stupid unsubstantiatable reasons. Psychology, prejudice, media, culture, and a long list of ignorant reasons go into play when an officer grape his gun to kill (not injure or subdue) a male of color; and does not react the same when confronting a white male. These ignorant reasons MUST be addressed and corrected. All public servants from police to president must take fear out of the equation and stand up to be the public's protector they chose to become.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Give Thanks and Give Back

Adbusters created this buy nothing day idea and it caught on... Well it caught on to the people who would normally not buy anything anyway.
So rather than just buying nothing on black Friday, why not buy nothing on Thanksgiving day itself. So many people have to work on days that others have off, why not give them and yourself a break. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thought Pattern

Comedy is nothing more than talking about what everyone thinks only happens to them and they don't want to tell anyone about. This makes comedy the same as psychology, but more fun.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thought Pattern

If I unsubscribe from your email list, I really don't want another email from you telling me I have unsubscribed.

Russell Brand Speaks the Truth Again

Corporate power and state power will preserve themselves at any expense.

We are...

Never too old to fuck shit up...

Thought Pattern

Your beliefs do no good when your actions hurt others.

We Are

We are never too young, to fuck shit up!

The Shit..

This is just a small taste of the shit you have to deal with when looking for employment.


x prohibited[?] Posted: 4 hours ago
young carpenter (Hendersonville)
compensation: job % based on skill and tools
Looking for a semi skilled carpenter
Know how to use a skillsaw and other tools
Don't be a pussy, be able to operate efficiently on a roof
Lift heavy shit all day and ask for seconds not bitch like a school girl
If you're a lazy pussy then don't respond

If you want to earn money by being a bad mother fucker on the job site the send me your info; name, age, highest you have worked on a roof, finally are you tied to a hot young thing or can you travel and earn money as a home builder not a fucking repairman
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

post id: 4426169419 posted: 4 hours ago email to friend best of [?]

Thought Pattern

No more X or Y generation. We now live in the head down generation.

Thought Pattern

Does New York City smell like piss or does piss smell like New York City?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thought Pattern

Go to an independent (mom and pop) business and ask the owner(s); "What will you take for currency if our monetary system collapses?" Try this with your doctor, veterinarian, farmer's market.
Share your answers!

This is Us Winning!

Unilever is suing Hampton Creek over it's Just Mayo as deceptive due to containing no eggs! This may appear as a bad situation for Hampton Creek, but it is a positive for plant based foods. Unilever is showing it's greed by filing this lawsuit and demonstrating that plant based foods are hurting the corporate food giants.
Keep up the great work!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Urban Dumpster Diving

These are the spoils of automation. Half of this field was harvest by tractor, the other half by hand; yet the waste is equal on both parts. Many of us went out after the harvest to find our own free food.

Thought Pattern

Why are corn chips so big? If you put the whole thing in your mouth it cuts the inside of your mouth. If you bite a piece off the entire thing crumbles down your shirt. Product design needs to accept reality.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hell, Hoarding, and you

I can show you what hell looks like. I can describe a smell so bad you taste it. I can tell you of sights that make your eyes burn.
We do not own anything. Nothing can be possessed that can be taken away. Nothing can be possessed that can pursue another path.
Sixty five animals to 2 acres of land is hoarding. No matter how well they are tended to and cared for, it is hoarding plain and simple. Animals are not ours for profit (or the benefit of a non-profit). Animals are not ours for our ego. Animals are not ours.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Since April 9th 2014 I have sent out 376 resumes via email. I have gone to many businesses in person, not all taking my resume but 54 did take my resume. I have gone on 4 interviews in that time and only one hired me. After 9 weeks working for that one he stopped paying me therefor I stopped working. Strictly the facts.
I must be terrible at what I do.
In 2000 I made $750 a week, take home. Today in 2014 I make 0. When I did work last I made $200 a week.
I think the economy is tanking folks.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thought Pattern

Which came first; spaghetti or spaghetti squash?

Strength of Doves

Vegan Straight Edge kicking ass again. This dude goes to jail more than I do and he loves to tell people why. Jared Paul has created an agency for independent speakers of free, progressive thought. Check out the site and listen and learn from these folks.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Violence Kills the Power to Change

George Carter, only 15 years old and he changed the world more than people 4 times his age. Books not guns, food not violence. His power remains and will grow, his rest is well deserved, but not with and ending such as this.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thought Pattern

How is it I can forget every great idea I have in the shower before I put on clothes?

Thought Pattern

Why is it that toothpaste, soap, dish soap, cooking oil, salt and spices, toilet paper and paper towels; all run out at the same time and it's always when you have the least money to spend?

Someone Please Translate

Google has come to be synonymous with technology, technology means you have a bit of sense. So why does this writer not have the sense to write in a coherent manner?

The dirty secret of Google's self-driving cars

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jaded: Leaps

I went to public school all but two years of my forced education. The two years of private school were drastically different. The contrast of these two schools is what formed who I am today. My first private school experience was at age 8. I attended a small private school in rural North Carolina. Every one there from the instructors to the students were caring and giving. There was very little bullying and when there was it was halted immediately most by other students but occasionally by the instructors. 
This school had a lot of alternative options for the students. This was 1980-1981 and I had my first chance to use a computer at this school. The instructor taught us how computers worked and also explained the internal parts and functions of a computer. These were also Apples, not your everyday IBM PC of that era. We were also given extensive time outside, often basic classes were outside on nice days. The headmaster had two dogs and they often ran the campus where we could socialize with them.
The next year was a new town, new school, new culture, bad experiences. Assuming all private schools were as good as the last, I was enrolled into a catholic all boys school in Tampa, Florida. Most instructors were nuns, although they dressed casually without the normal habit and garb. The instructors had no concerns for the students and attention was only given in the form of negative discipline. I would witness many students paddled to the point of child abuse even for that time. 
I was the personal punching bag for kids 3-4 years older than myself. Once I was tied to a tether ball pole and kicked repeatedly for ten to twenty minutes simply because I hung out with the “other kids”. The “other kids” were of different colors and cultural makeups than the typical white catholic kids. 
One of my friends was from India and he and I stayed pretty tight as a means of defense. He was hindu therefor he would not put his hand over his heart or raise the flag. This became a difficult situation for him since each student had to raise the flag during the school year. He was punished with a week of in school suspension, which meant he sat in the office during classes and completed his studies. When my turn came around I took a stand and refused. I had no religious or cultural basis for my refusal other than my friend stood up for himself so I was taking a stand with him. I received the same punishment as he, and learned that it also included slaps to the wrist with the metal end of a ruler on an hourly basis. With all that, I was born into the rebellious punk kid I am today.
The next year I entered public school in urban Tampa. Woodrow Wilson Junior High school would be my fate based on geography. This school had a drastic mix of poor and rich. I saw everything from kids dropped off in limos to kids walking in torn up shoes. My latter years at this school were the Miami Vice days. Again these things shaped my life as I was witnessing drug use, sexual activity, and the use of alcohol by minors. Often I would hear stories of how great the weekend party was, the keg, Saturday Night Live, so on. Each story made me thankful that my Mother offered me discipline and safety without force. I was free to ride my bike whenever and wherever, yet I was given gentle guidance to become a decent human being.
These were the developmental years that made me punk rock just before I found punk rock. I remember vividly being handed a Suicidal Tendencies tape along with a Minor Threat tape. These were played to exhaustion and I often hear them in my head with the slower worn out beat from an excessively played tape. Now I was alive and all the talk of keg parties, drug use and so on were just a reason for me to laugh and not be them. The lawyer, doctor, bankers kids had nothing on me and I was not going to be like them. For better or worse I am still not like them and I am growing further from them every second. 

The bullies of this world have become out of touch with humanity, and all that we share on Earth. We must be caretakers, not exploiters. We must also appreciate all the hardships that have come in our lives for they along with the good are what make us who we are.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jaded The First Step

This is something I have tried to write about for a very long time. It isn’t so much that it is difficult for me to talk about, but it is difficult for me to explain with total clarity for others to understand. Each relationship I have had has dug me deeper into a depressed state and deeper into a lack of communication and expression. This doesn’t just include intimate relationships although they are the predominant issues, but just people who were once friends, people that I found to be much too negative to be around, people who turned there backs and those who broke promises. 
It’s easy to put all the blame on others, but I equally take the blame and as time moves on I know my reactions are coming from past experiences that may not be the same reactions from other people.
Some of my first memories as a small child are from abuse. I remember the sexual abuse from my father vividly and no one can take these thoughts and memories away. I remember the physical abuse form my father and the emergency stitches given to me on a pool table in a doctors basement. It would have been too much embarrassment to take me to a hospital and have others see me like I was. The scar is still there, but not as evident as the memories I still see. Maybe the hospital was just too far and the doctor’s basement was the next best thing.
These things set me back from an early age, but I’m still here to remember these thoughts so that is better than the outcome others have had.
Small promises that were broken when I thought what people said meant something. Very petty promises yet promised all the same stick in my mind like grudges that could push mountains. I still feel them although I know it is nothing more than my own thoughts. I can’t expect circumstances to give way to other’s words.
Failed relationships and breakdowns in communication that I feel could have possibly been prevented and now I just see them as some sort of justice that I do not believe in. If I follow my lineage through time I will see that each patriarch rose to the top but died at the bottom. Should I try to give my best will and change this or accept it as karmic fate? I believe this only as far as I can use it for an excuse. I could get out of this depression and change myself, but maybe I am not meant to. Who knows. I certainly don’t know and I don’t understand what makes anyone else think they know.
The drawing that a physiologist made me draw after my parent’s divorce. Could those things be the root of why I feel things should be the way I wish they could be? The physiologist would say draw your family. I would draw my mom, my dad, and myself in front of my house. He would ask why I had two parents in the drawing. Well I have two parents. Regardless of divorce, I have two parents. Therefor when asked to draw my family I would do so. If today I were asked to draw the same thing it would take much longer to draw all the people I see as family, not to mention many of those family members are quite large.
Could it be the “don’t talk to strangers”, “just say no”, get your kids fingerprinted, child abduction, constant plane hijacking, reason for terror society that I grew up in?
The world has become a scary place and as thankful as I am for having what I have, knowing who I know, all the great experiences, and great things I have accomplished; I still see the reason to be fearful of others.
Maybe it was the first girlfriend who cheated on me several times, and turned the table accusing me of raping her just as she had done to past boyfriends. Maybe it was the first wife who cheated on me as well but told a judge she wanted a divorce due to me being atheist and her christian. Thats a strange accusation coming from someone with wiccan and krishna tattoos. Maybe none of this should even be brought up and I should see the thanks I have. I’ll agree with that, but I need to put it on paper so I can see the trail I have gone down and all that built this weariness.
I need to see my own light at the end of my own tunnel. If I see someone else’s light I only see false hope. I need it done by myself. Asking for help is a huge first step, but so difficult when so many turned their backs and you don’t know who to trust in asking. Sometimes I may see a great person in which to have a relationship with as my reason to get better, only to wear that person down with a distrust in understanding. How can I expect anyone to understand when no one has lived my life? Relativity only goes so far and maybe I need someone below my idea of relativity.
Some close friends say I have had a very hard live. I don’t see it as such and I don’t know why they would either. I know I’ve had tough times, but I know I have helped many others going through harder times. There is no hardest of times, because somewhere someone has never known love or compassion and is taking her or his last breathe. Some where there is the greatness of peace where food is plentiful and willingly shared. Love and shelter is given freely because we all know we must create together or there is no appreciation towards creating a better world.
The one who says we must no longer fight those who fight us, is talking to both sides, not just one. We must realize that in seeing differences, past experiences, and all that life has given us then we must respect one another equally and not indifferently. The indifference comes from our experiences that have jaded us. These experiences create hate over race, sex, culture, religion… so on. In order to turn or experiences into positives we must go out, find that same person who made us jaded and create a love for them that they can not deny. Don’t take that as literal as it may sound. Take it as a way to better our lives. Go out, help those whom you have never helped.

Now that the peace love and kumbaya has been spread, we must prepare our defenses. Even the greatest of monks is prepared to defend. Even buddah has a fury and rage. We must be ready and act only when needed. Our attitude to love leads to a lack of offensiveness, but it can be viewed as weakness to others. Never let the willingness to care for others leave you vulnerable. Take care of self, take care of others. Pretty simple if we can only wipe away the past of cultural and mental indifferences. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Anyone who knows what my first car was, may think I love Ghostbusters. They would be correct. This story may have some great information for a Ghostbusters fan, but I couldn't get past the second "try and".
Do writers not go to school anymore? Or do schools not teach grammar?

Ghostbusters returning with cast of 'hilarious women' is the perfect (and only) way to reboot the franchise

Sony Pictures handout
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Sony Pictures handout
On Wednesday Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, sent out a tweet that got lovers of quotable 80s movies in a frenzy.
Yes, Feig will be writing the third Ghostbusters movie along with Katie Dippold, who wrote The Heat. Updating the Ghostbusters franchise with a cast of funny women isn’t just a fun twist on the classic movie (I don’t count the sequel as a classic, though I’ll ride for Rick Moranis as The Keymaster any time) but really the only way they could reboot the franchise. Here’s why:

By completely changing the formula it gives the film a shot to succeed

By dusting off Ghostbusters 25 years after the last film, a filmmaker would be faced with a rough decision — either try and recreate the movie with the still-living cast members (Harold Ramis, who wrote and acted in the first two films, died in February) or try and cast a totally new group of young actors who would try and put their own stamp on it.
With a cast of men, it would be impossible for audiences not to try and compare the new actors to the original performances. Is Jason Segal trying to be the Akroyd or the Ramis? Who could possibly play Dr. Peter Venkman? The actors themselves would struggle with the parts — do you pay homage to the original cast or totally go your own way?
It would never stack up because it could never stack up. The movie would either be a lame rehash or not faithful enough to the original material. It would be doomed before it was made. (Unless they made the full-length Sweded version us fans of Be Kind, Rewind have been waiting for.)
By going with a cast of women, however, all expectations are thrown out the window. The movie is free to be its own thing, because whoever they end up casting (come onnnnn, Kristin Wiig) will be able to come at it completely fresh. I don’t know if it will be a massive hit, but the movie has a real chance.

It gives Feig and Dippold a way to get a studio to buy into a comedy led by funny women

You would’ve thought that the success of Bridesmaids was a sign to studios that comedies led by a cast of women can be huge successes, but sadly it seems that most studios viewed the success of Bridesmaids as the result of some crazy, mysterious alchemy that could never hope to be duplicated.
This is dumb. And while it’s too bad it’s going to take a sequel from one of the most beloved comedy films of all-time for a studio to readily buy into a comedy starring a group of funny women, at least it’s happening.

You still know Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver are going to make cameos

Bill Murray made the single funniest movie cameo of the last 20 years when he dropped in on Zombieland, and you know this movie will have a cameo from him, and it will be perfect. It has to have a cameo from him. Come on, Hollywood. We need this.
Also, while you’re at it, a Sigourney Weaver cameo (or starring role?) wouldn’t hurt anything either. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hey Vegans!

Ever wonder how they get that creamy filling into the center of your former favorite baked snacked?
Well if you give money to get them into some shiny packaging, resulting in a wide distribution, then maybe Kelly will tell you.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Visions of War

Members of the Republican-led committee were searing in their criticism of the Secret Service after Iraq War veteran Omar Gonzalez breached at least ‘five rings’ of security in making it all the way to the Green Room of the White House in the Sept. 19 incident.

This is the first sentence of a NY Daily News in regards to the recent white house security breeches. While NY Daily News is not a reputable source as if any media service is, it still brings to light many issues.
First is the fact that the secret service is having security issues. While we have all seen the photos of the secret service out partying and spending the tax dollars of hard workers, we are not always seeing the breeches in security. 
Second is the issue that no one is covering and is most important. The person who breeched the security of the white house is an Iraq war veteran. This raises many disturbing facts. What is actually going on that veterans are coming home and killing family members, committing suicide, and what makes one want to get into the white house assumably to harm the president who created this war. You may argue that obama did not create this war, but he didn’t end it in his two month time period, and he has reinitiated the war so it’s now his war.
Veterans need to be cared for. Not for the fact that some patriotic tea baggers think they are saving us from a false evil, but for the simple reason that these women and men are seeing the worst of humanity and are being told to commit the worst of human atrocities in the name of capitalism. Again someone may argue that they are defending freedom and democracy, but in order for that to be true we would need to have freedom and democracy.

Thought Pattern

 If an employer lies to you the first week, you should quit right away. If he lies to you the second week, you're a sucker.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thought Pattern

My problem in life is that I always told the truth. I never held back what some may think others should not know.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thought Pattern

We live in an age of distrust. Yet the media, government, church, schools, and rich can sell us anything and we will believe it with our mouths open for more.

Thought Pattern

I've adapted, but never changed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

...and Yet Again

This time the name is Darrien Hunt, and I don't need to tell you the story, the excuses, the lies. What needs to be told is kids of color are losing their lives to good old boy fear. Insecure white men fear black men. PERIOD. End of story.
It does not matter if he lunges at you, if he has a weapon, if there is report of violence, if there is a history of criminal activity. When one person sees another person we should accept the differences and find the common interests. It does not matter if the other person has a weapon or is bigger than us. It matters that we can live without fear and be able to confront violence with a calm and well mannered demeanor.
The people carrying out these killings take an oath to serve and protect and color nor beliefs are to play a role in who is protected and served. The people who choose to go into a line of work where they become a servant to ALL people should understand their safety is in jeopardy, but they should equally understand that other's lives are in their hands and they must uphold all respect to protect even the people that may do harm. Officers should be trained to shoot as a last resort and NEVER to shoot to kill.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Forty One Years

Forty One Years without consuming alcohol, forty one years without using drugs, forty one years without smoking. Some may say I'm missing out, I say I'll never grow up.
Twenty Three of these years have also been vegan.

Thought Pattern

In a house with no furniture, you will never stump your toes.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thought Pattern

Straight Edge...
If I am now, I always was?

Thought Pattern

The truth is most white males especially those who feel the need to carry a gun or exert power and privilege, are afraid of Blacks in america due to the racist stereotype that they are bigger, stronger, and the positive truth they should fear is that they are more united than whites.

Thought Pattern

Doctors are not taught nutrition, yet they are ingrained from birth that we must eat meat and dairy.

Thought Pattern

If an Infant were to punch you, would you hit back? Anyone who uses violence is an infant.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thought Pattern

Child abuse is allowing your child to fire an automatic weapon. Child abuse is when a child has to live with the thought that she accidentally killed someone due to her parents wanting her to fire a gun. Gun control is knowing a child can not fire an automatic weapon and hit a target.

New Tea Party Hero

Will Hayden, would be star of "Sons of Guns", rapes his 12 year old daughter.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thought Pattern

If Tea Baggers, Right Wingers, Conservatives, Preppers, so on; actually believed in defending themselves against the tyranny and reckless governing of the United States; then they would be standing with the people of Ferguson, Missouri and against the officer who murdered Michael Brown.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

History Repeats...

History repeats itself, but education can bring change.

Oscar Grant
Eric Garner
Michael Brown

These names and many more should be easily recognized, never misspelled, and we should never have to use a search engine to know who they are. These names should live in our hearts and memories.
I do not care what one's priors are, I do not care what one may have provoked, I care that unarmed people (mostly of color) were murdered for no other reason than fear.
If you take an oath to serve and protect then you must uphold it, not just for the integrity of your word, but the sanctity of those who also took the oath and to those who may depend on you.
A police training test is not much to brag about passing and carrying a gun while also wearing a bulletproof vest doesn't make you much of a hero. Police need to knock down their ego and realize MOST people have a higher education than they do. Most police officers don't understand the law as well as most people who have gone threw the system.
Police are not here to judge and murder.

Channel Zero, Flavor Flav Predicted The Future

Sarah Palin starts her own internet channel.

You're blind, baby
You're blind from the facts on who you are
Cause you're watching that garbage

Sunday, August 3, 2014


What does an astrophysicist know about gmos anyway? Probably nothing more or less than the general public. Yet Neil deGrasse Tyson's loyal followers believe every word he says. Tyson states, “I’m amazed how much rejection genetically modified foods are receiving from the public,” Tyson tells a French interviewer. “It smacks of the fear factor that exists at every new emergent science, where people don’t fully understand it or don’t fully know or embrace its consequences, and so therefore reject it.” This "fear factor" which Tyson speaks of reminds me of Albert Einstein's fear of a day when technology would overlap humanity. Truly this overlap has begun and not so much with food or gmos, but certainly with smart phones and human interaction. 
A lot of the debate in science is based on religion and ignores the fact that scientist often debate each other and come to different conclusion from their own theories and experiments. Again people don't want to see outside the spotlight. Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson have suddenly become the faces of science. Science has many realms, much more than just astrology and mechanical engineering. So when the followers of science believe every word from these two superstars of science, they themselves are truly not understanding and just accepting that and astrophysicist and a mechanical engineer can both explain all aspects of science as fact. This is simply not true. A woodworker may not be able to build a house and a carpenter may not be able to build a desk, yet the common person may think the duties are interchangeable because both use similar tools and methods to construct things. 
Many people choose to use resources as reason to debate an argument. Others may say, well you got your facts from someone who believes in aliens therefore nothing they say could be true, or you got your beliefs from the bible therefor nothing you believe is true. These assumptions are simple prejudice. We can all learn a lot from the people we disagree with and that has to be not only accepted but embraced and explored. If it were true that all actions from those whom we believe are not to be taken as fact then why are people accepting an astrophysicist who is host of a television show which is broadcast by fox, produced by seth macfarlane, and sponsored by corporations such as Chrysler and Samsung to know what he is talking about in regards to gmo?
It simply comes down to a multi sided argument in which all sides want to have the biblical control known as dominion. Just leave nature alone and nature will take care of you, or get rid of you. Either way is not wrong, if it is what nature does.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thought Pattern

What creates a breaking point? The anxiety of duration or the excitement of seeing the end?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Time

It's past time to throw more than a trash can through a pizza shop window. We need riots in the streets and real change to come and most likely by force. We have seen that voting does not work and changing from the inside leads you to prison or becoming an expatriate.
Too few are paying attention to Eric Garner and his tragic end. Some throw his criminal record at you  as if that is an indication he deserved death. The facts are his criminal record is petty and he was human with a family. The economy has always created the hustle. When the hustle is a crime, one will still hustle to care for family first. It's simple survival.
Spike Lee has stepped up as he always does and paralleled Eric Garners final moments with Radio Raheem's. From Rodney King to Eric Garner two decades later nothing has change and Spike Lee is showing that to the world.
I remember wanting to see Malcolm X in the theaters just to see the ENTIRE Rodney King incident and not just what the news broadcast were showing.
These are wake up calls to make a change and end this abuse from people who went to school just to be tough guys. The nypd is nothing but the last picked for the high school football team and they are trying to bully us all.