Monday, December 19, 2011

I do not believe…

I do not believe in evolution; at least not as it is understood by science today, nor do I believe in any religion or spiritual being. What is apparent to me is that we are dust; we breathe, we die, we rot; just as every other being does on this planet we share. It's a simple fact to see that air alone has us connected and this goes for those in the sea, the air, and the land. We all need this one essential element a long with so many other factors that keep each and every one of us alive.
Now where does humanity stand in a world where even the plankton in the sea is needed for our very existence? Are we better than one species or another simply because of our minds and capabilities? Is there more to the apes in the trees? Do they know what we know, but choose to live in a coexisting manner where war is not a creation utilized for greed?
If we could only see the universe is in each and every molecule that creates us, creates the animals, creates the plants; then and only then can we see each of us must unite with neighbor and friends to see we are a whole. Together and only together are we the almighty god so many have created fiction over.

In continuation...

In continuation…
My most inspiring night was in the early nineties when I drove to Washington DC to see a Positive Force show. After picking up a friend in Maryland we arrived at the show in the basement of a DC church. Positive Force also booked another show just down the street and many kids were walking back and forth. The other show was of interest to me, but the bands at this venue moved me in ways other than just what my ears can hear.
This show was Rain Like The Sound Of Trains; who were later signed by Dischord; Farside; which added much needed emotion to hardcore; and Into Another; which revolutionized not just hardcore, but music as a whole. No band before nor after has ever created music like that of Into Another and with lyrics that should change the very heart of any person with a sound mind and open heart.
The bands, the lyrics, the vibe, the friends they all had a huge impact on me and the rest of my life, but not as much as one larger factor; Positive Force.
Positive Force booked shows to educate and entertain, but also to create an awareness of the issues in their own neighborhood. With the money generated from shows, they created soup kitchens, to feed those in need. The truly positive nature of Positive Force changed me forever and put a fight in me that I hope to only strengthen with each day I exist.
It's been 3 months since I have been to a show and maybe longer before that show, but it's not the show that is important. Sometimes to do what you love, you have to step away from what brought you to love.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

When the music stops…

After the show, it's time to put words in to motion. The sing along, dancing, and finger pointing have to be enacted. What your heart just poured out, your hands now have to create. This isn't another stage dive or pile on, this is the real thing. If you care for what you said and you mean it for yourself, your friends, all those you share life with, then you will create what you stand for.
Some times the music will have to stop and you will realize that was just a stepping stone into a pool of unending struggle that will only change when we step out of the words and but our efforts in to actions.
I'm not saying turn your back or forget the past. Just live it to the fullest with it in your heart and mind and make sure all those words come true.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, remember 5th of November, but lets not forget...

On this day a man of dedication died for what he believed. His name is Barry Horne and he lives today stronger than yesterday. His memory, conviction, and cause live on today in the hearts minds and most importantly the actions of all those who feel the empathy he also felt.
As so many are being arrested and standing on the front lines for Occupy... how many of them are willing to resist? Resist the life that governments, religions, corporations, so on are forcing us to live. Barry Horne walked away from the norm and gave his life for others. Let us not forget this is all of us or none of us. Together in dedication we will make our dreams of compassion come true for everyone.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OWS Absurdity

Three applications for patents of the words "Occupy Wall Street" have been applied for. Nothing is more absurd than to join the enterprise in which you are against in a failing attempt to heighten your purpose. Go back to school and rethink what you are fighting for, otherwise we are fighting you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UNESCO and Palestine

I write this while in a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.
Most don't even understand what UNESCO is or does and just assume the UN is all they need to know. UNESCO serves to preserve and protect the natural and cultural aspects of our world. You may live in Baltimore, but you benefit from UNESCO through education and preservation.
The recent decision to allow Palestine to join UNESCO is a huge step for peace and preservation of a people that are being forced out of their lands and homes due to a UN charter allowing Israel to encroach on their lands. This UN charter, to put it simply, was created as a form of retribution for the holocaust and the retribution is justly deserved but not at the expense of others.
Now the United States in it's ever growing defense of Israel has cut funding to UNESCO for the allowance of Palestine into UNESCO. What does this mean for you and your daily life? The US funds a fifth of the UNESCO budget, therefor this cut limits the enforcement of laws in such areas as the Galapagos where poaching and destruction of the natural surroundings are happening on an hourly basis. UNESCO does little to enforce the laws and regulations of the preserves here on Galapagos and now will have even less resources to do such.
Palestine should remain a member of UNESCO, the US should look deeper into it's ties with Israel and with it's commitment to protect our environment and cultures of the world. The work UNESCO does is of world importance and goes far beyond the politics of individual countries.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Words from a Mother

"A Mother's Reflection"

My name is Mickie. Walter Bond is my son. He is a Prisoner Of War for his defense of the Animal

Nations. He has been reviled by the press and by those who do not wish to have their consciences tampered with, thereby allowing them to continue to accept the blindness society needs in order for the machine to continue to grind along.
Walter Bond was born a warrior; he did not choose it because he found a worthy or righteous cause. A warrior is born with a fire inside and a need to right wrongs. He is born with a compassion and caring rooted so deeply that it is difficult to walk away from any sort of cruelty, whether it involves the people, the Animal Nations, the oceans and seas or the whole of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of “warrior” is as follows: 1) a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier 2) a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness.
Yes, Walter Bond is a warrior. As his mother, I am very proud. As his mother, I want to rant and rave at the world at large. I want to tell them that America is not this politically correct, sensitive, caring place filled with heroes. Why does heroism only apply to humans? Why is little Johnny a hero for helping the elderly lady next door carry her groceries, or help her cross the busy street, or shovel her walkway after a snowfall -- but Walter Bond risks his life and his future to spare animals from imprisonment, torture, horrific daily abuses and is labeled a terrorist, a threat to the well-being of America?
We hear phrases about “the Greening of America,” which of course is a fallacy. You hear of all the different appliances that save energy and are kind to the environment. You hear about new sources of energy that are environmentally “friendly,” safer building materials, environmentally friendly automobiles, etc. – until your head feels like it wants to explode. The bottom line is that you will then leave a smaller “carbon footprint.” What an inane statement that is.
First and foremost, these statements – or rather elitist philosophies – are geared (of course) toward the power mongers. They are the only ones who can afford the twenty, thirty or forty thousand dollars it would take to remodel their homes and turn them into green palaces. An environmentally-friendly home to help save Mother Earth… the Greening of America… what a load of crap. But please let me be politically correct, “what a load of Green Crap.”
The machines grind on, the slaughterhouses keep up their daily executions, the so-called research labs continue their torture on the most innocent beings on the earth. After all, without animal testing the cosmetics companies wouldn’t be able to insure that the bottle of makeup you just purchased really will hide your blemishes or wrinkles or uneven skin tone, etc., ad nauseum.
Next up is “the dumbing-down of America.” Here is my favorite example: politicians. At this point, how can people have faith in any of them? They appear standing on bales of hay, wearing their brad new checkered cotton shirts, brand new jeans and straw summer cowboy hats, and tell you they are just like you… just a hard-working American with simple roots … memories of fishing down by the “ol’ fishing hole” dancing in their heads.
Amazingly, people still believe in them. Folks, look down a little further and you will see that at the bottom of those Levi pant legs, he’s wearing $1,000 leather shoes. The only place he’s having memories of growing up living that hard-scrabble, yet fulfilling simple life is on his private jet, limo or his third, fourth or fifth summer home, while he is enjoying an afternoon cup of tea.
Here is my own personal observation about the submissiveness of the world: People seem to have given away their power, their uniqueness, their confidence in their beliefs and blindly follow the media, politicians and the mainstream consensus.
I consider what passes for civilization these days to be laughable. I suppose that people as a whole can say, “we live in a civilized state,” but do we?... really?
In the Webster’s Dictionary, I found two meanings for the word civilized: 1) having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc. 2) easy to manage or control. Here I will put in writing two examples for these definitions, as I understand them…
1) I live in the Alaskan Wilderness with my man, who is my imperfect best friend. We live with our two wolves, which honor us with their presence every day. We live in a one-room cabin with a loft. We haul water, use an outhouse. Like all animals in the wild, we are part of the food chain. Like all animals who live in harmony with our Mother Earth, we respect each other’s territories. We mind to our own ways and sometimes we fight each other to survive or sometimes we simply let the other know “this is my territory… you must leave.” We all endure our struggles with the winter snows, the cold, the summer floods, the river’s rage. Some of us live through these times, some of us do not. These are the cycles of Mother Earth for the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds and our flying relatives. We risk, we struggle, we enjoy the bounties of our Mother. We survive from year to year, or not. These are the natural rhythms of life. I chose this life because it is a truly civilized society – balanced, humane, respectful of the Mother of us all. All animals have the right to be free, to live and die on their own terms, because of their ability to survive, not caged from birth to feed the lazy and the gluttonous.
There is that other definition of civilized: 2) easy to manage and control.
Watch out folks, the edible ones first… who’s second? Do people packed into apartments in overcrowded cities with just enough money or means to get by, but not enough to move themselves or their children into happy, healthy natural environments ring a bell?... Easy to control?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How do I feel about my son being imprisoned for standing up for those without a voice, without power to fight back, those whose suffering doesn’t end until death grants them mercy?
I feel at peace and successful as a parent, because when it is time for me to make the spirit journey, I will know the Animal Nations have a truly civilized human being among them – Walter Bond.
And so it is…
Mickie Coyote
Letters of support can be posted to:
Mickie Shaw
PO Box 1098
Anchor Point AK 99556
(Click Here to Donate)
Write Walter support letters at:
Davis County Jail
Walter Bond 2011-03339
PO Box 130
Farmington UT 84025-0130

In Defense

We can not go on blindly thinking our efforts are enough and that our moral meter is balanced. As long as the capitalist machines are weighing against nature, we must counter their efforts until nature is once again balanced. We are Turtle Island and we are the God each religion turns to for forgiveness. It is in each of us to do the most in this struggle to bring nature in to the foreground of our lives and rid greed from our eyes.
On Wall Street and government establishments across the world people are standing up, not backing down, and moving the message that we are what control our lives, not capitalists, not lobbyists, not bureaucrats. This standing up for change is all encompassing. It is for the rights of all people regardless of race, gender, preference, class, or birth. This voice does not hold true to a political party or to a preference of union, but only to people.
This is to be carried further to the Animals, Air, Oceans, Land, and all beings we share our lives. We must continue the momentum left in the wake of so many arrested, so many killed for the simple freedom of nature. Many are behind us in spirit, many are with us in thoughts.
Maria do Espírito Santo, José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva, Barry Horne...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 10 NYSE takeover

In support of Anonymous; who I met on my third day at occupy Wall Street. I hope the best for tomorrow's efforts and closing the stock exchange is a success. Morrissey said best, "America is not the World" and closing the New York Stock Exchange will show the world that the people of the US are fed up and government nor corporation are currently speaking for the people. We have been over run by corporate slave masters who find comfort in tax loopholes and capitalist gains off the backs of those struggling to get by in an ever rising economic market.
All the best, and may October 10 be world wide history.

US Does NOT Support Israel

A recent headline states, "US supports Israeli oppression, Palestinians' # 1 enemy" - Jerusalem Post. As a former "American" and resident of the US, I would like to take a stand against this statement. I for one, with many behind me, do not support Israel. I can name many a friend, colleague, and others who do not stand for the Israel occupation of Palestine. In this group I can name many people of Jewish decent standing strong against the vacation Disneyland for Jewish adults. Oppressed people do not deserve to oppress others simply for a space in the dirt. It is absurd to think that the United Nations stands for the occupation of a peoples land in order to counter the violence that oppressed, killed, tortured, and remains in the memories of so many jewish descendants today.
To take simply because you and your ancestors were once taken from can not be justified by any means. To oppress the Palestine people and occupy their lands only makes you a follower of Hitler and less of a human being. What's the difference in killing people for occupation in the 1930's and killing people for occupation from 1947 to present? The jewish occupation of Palestine has continued much longer than Hitler's reign.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

From age 9 when my mom bought us an Apple IIe, this man has been a part of my life.

The Whole World IS Watching

The Whole World IS Watching

As the media attempted to turn Occupy Wall Street into a sham of punks trying to live off their trust funds, the entire world saw otherwise. How does the media explain reports that only a few hundred people remained gathered at Liberty Plaza yet later 700 were arrested for shutting down The Brooklyn Bridge.
Lets see through the bull shit of capitalism and corruption and join the less fortunate on the streets. We won't buy it, not your already outdated iPhones, not your corrupt twist on the media.
I wish I were still there.

The Whole World IS Watching


The problems at hand; animal exploitation, execution as punishment and no reform, corruption, racism, sexism, classism, greed, all problems that have one root; humanity. If we look inside ourselves and see freedom within our hearts and minds, stop fighting for the American dream dangling 3 inches from our reach; we will solve all the problems of the world. Life in a third world country has shown me that the title "third world" only exist to lower the expectations of the people here while at the same time bringing the dream of a western world for the people to want to buy and consume as westerner's yet on a third world income. Life is very simple for people living outside the knowledge of the Western Civilization. You wake, you tend to crops or gather food, you eat, you sleep, you repeat. That may sound mundane and boring to all who have lived the 9-5 and hate their position in life, but what is life really meant to be if not simple? Know one really knows what he or she wants so they put all their hope in a god, government or other entity hoping it will guide and tell them right from wrong.
In order to live simply we must see we do not need what we want. We are not our jobs, we are a greater being than can rise to help one another in order to put each being on this planet at the same level of respect. We have technology to build weapons, but not the philosophy to know not to use them.

Magic Beans

Writing on the Wall

The People

The Animals

Tuesday, October 4, 2011