Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Visions of War

Members of the Republican-led committee were searing in their criticism of the Secret Service after Iraq War veteran Omar Gonzalez breached at least ‘five rings’ of security in making it all the way to the Green Room of the White House in the Sept. 19 incident.

This is the first sentence of a NY Daily News in regards to the recent white house security breeches. While NY Daily News is not a reputable source as if any media service is, it still brings to light many issues.
First is the fact that the secret service is having security issues. While we have all seen the photos of the secret service out partying and spending the tax dollars of hard workers, we are not always seeing the breeches in security. 
Second is the issue that no one is covering and is most important. The person who breeched the security of the white house is an Iraq war veteran. This raises many disturbing facts. What is actually going on that veterans are coming home and killing family members, committing suicide, and what makes one want to get into the white house assumably to harm the president who created this war. You may argue that obama did not create this war, but he didn’t end it in his two month time period, and he has reinitiated the war so it’s now his war.
Veterans need to be cared for. Not for the fact that some patriotic tea baggers think they are saving us from a false evil, but for the simple reason that these women and men are seeing the worst of humanity and are being told to commit the worst of human atrocities in the name of capitalism. Again someone may argue that they are defending freedom and democracy, but in order for that to be true we would need to have freedom and democracy.

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