Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear human race

This is Labor Day. It is not any other holiday. Please do not spread your PC, hippness by saying, "have a nice holiday!"
Yes it is a holiday, but it is speciically Labor day and no other day.
I hopethis doesn't end up on project rant. I can only imagine which cast memeber would play me.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

To be free...(AKA Give Me Back)

Wheat paste. A gooey, runny mess. Most are familiar with it and it's consistency and values. Some of us may have used warm water, sans soap in a futile attempt to wash from our hands only for it to go nowhere. 
Similar to another substance. A substance that can create life if it reaches it's optimum destination. We all come from this and are all born from a female who nurtures us to maturity. By all I mean all animal life, yet we differentiate. We determine human good, non-human less. Why? Are we not all gooey mess turned to life from a female and then sent on our own to survive? So no matter chicken, cow, dog, pig, ape, or human, our fate was not chosen. So why are we, the few humans, to choose fate on earth?
Just as pride of race or culture shows a lack of understanding for how and where we are born speciesism shows a missunderstanding to which species we are born. This is no divine grace or chosen method we are all life, given freely to simply be free. No payment, no deed, no burden, no sin, just freewill, born free. 
I can't say I am better in any way than an animal born with an instinct to survive. So we build fast machines, structures to reach the sky, vessels to travel below the sea. Well such beings exist without external invention guiding their existance. We are not to judge based on a body and mind that ourselves can not understand.
Sure we have gone too far to simply just be and be free, but we must coexist or we will no longer exist.