Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Nerd in Me

So by default straight edge people have to love Star Wars. It also goes in hand with the generation of most straight edge people that I know.
First a story as to why I want to discuss this.
A guy next to me had a Chewbacca ring tone which was constantly ringing. When he was off the phone I asks, "by your your ring tone I have to ask if you have seen the new trailer". Now if you are breathing and even remotely like Star War you should know what I mean by "trailer". But this guy says to me, "what trailer?" Ahhh "Star Wars" I said. He then says, "Yeah it's got this really cool new light saber." that was all he got out before Chewbacca began to ring his phone once again.
Now All I have noticed is that this "really cool new lightsaber" is really dumb, and most Star Wars nerds agree.
With that said I am here to chime in on the new teaser trailer.
I haven't seen the trailer. I refuse to pay the $20 to watch a terrible movie to watch an 80 second trailer. But like not voting and complaining about government I can still comment. In the age of Jedis can we have a more technical lightsaber than just a two dimensional weapon that looks like a medieval sword? Would a Jedi not have the ability to channel such a weapon into a multidimensional, say sphere that could not only be used to attack but as a force field to defend self and others?

OK I'm out of nerdom. 393 days till the release!

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