Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another Day and I Still Don't See Your america

As we celebrate the birth of genocide as we know it from our modern history, let us think of what this country was founded on.
A man born in Italy could not obtain the support of his own country to explore new trade routes. This leads me to two questions. One; why did his own country not want to support him. Two; his travels were supported for trade routes due to growing imperialism. So this countries first initiation into white history is based on capitalism and imperialism by a man not supported by his own country. Not going so could so far.
Although deniers will dispute this, Leif Ericson was the first of the white race to land here. Why is Leif buried in the history annals and not taught in school? Maybe because he didn't set out to find this place for money, maybe he didn't kill enough people, maybe he didn't do it in the name of the all corrupt church. To think a Norse viking didn't kill enough people...
Columbus also used christianity as the reason for his travels. So money and god went hand in hand even back then. Why is our history taught based on what europeans have written and not based on the stories of other cultures? Why are these other cultures quelled and culled from the planet as if a plague? Could it be these other cultures rather Kenyan or Iroquois have lived in harmony with nature and never against it?

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