Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bad Apple

His name is Jason, with flames tattooed up one arm, a trim goatee, his apple t-shirt and iPod name tag. He looked like any hipster working in an Apple Store.
I was in the Durham, NC Apple store for about 30 minutes when 3, African-American kids around the age of 17-19 walked in and began to use the computers. There excitement to have access to computers was evident with each of them saying, "Facebook time". They barely got a key stroke in when Jason approached them and asked them to leave. I was in shock and asked Jason why they had to leave when the store barely had a dozen people in it and I had been on a computer for over 30 minutes. He tells me they scare customers away. I offered the solution of separating them to computers scattered around the store and he tells me I need to speak with his manager. His manager arrives quickly with a police officer and I am escorted out of the store before the 3 kids had even made their way to the exit.
This all happened in Durham, NC and as much as it tries to be a progressive area of the world, actions like this keep it firmly planted as a typical Southern racist town. What is the purpose in denying 3 kids the use of computers. I have yet to go into any other Apple store and be given a time limit as to how long I can use a computer or even talk on an iPhone, yet these 3 kids couldn't even get a chance to view a single web page.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


The problem is us.
We have a lot of problems amongst those of us wanting change. Whether it be change for human rights, animal rights or the broad spectrum of injustice in this world we must realize we are part of the problem. Responsibilities have taken a backseat to blame and fame. This is getting us no where. We must stand together, stop supporting and start going the other direction from all things unjust.
In terms of cooperation we are again to blame. We do not work together, instead we bicker and climb the moral ladder in an attempt to feed our own egos and bellies. From blogs to undercover investigations we are all asking for hand outs just to eat some tasty vegan food. Why not commune and share our efforts, our intellect, our love and bring this injustice system to a close.
Each day we weaken our efforts with internet, conference calls, and public meetings. What happened to the days of knowing one another, trusting one another, sharing with one another, and most importantly believing in ourselves in order to not fear the consequences. We have over paranoid ourselves, we fear the consequences of snitches and prison for lack of truly believing in convictions.
Many seek to find refuge in the anti-system but merely join the system. This is exemplified in the selling of books, t-shirts, speaking engagements and so on for one's own benefit and makes she or he nothing more than the same capitalist entity many of us are trying to bring down. How do you dignify your efforts when money greater than your expenses is exchanged for what you do or produce? This is not beneficial to the whole and only to the self. We simply need to live, not to profit. Share and share alike is our ultimate aim. So why do we beg for donations if we feel our efforts are just and beneficial to all. Isn't the benefit to others enough payment?