Monday, December 19, 2011

I do not believe…

I do not believe in evolution; at least not as it is understood by science today, nor do I believe in any religion or spiritual being. What is apparent to me is that we are dust; we breathe, we die, we rot; just as every other being does on this planet we share. It's a simple fact to see that air alone has us connected and this goes for those in the sea, the air, and the land. We all need this one essential element a long with so many other factors that keep each and every one of us alive.
Now where does humanity stand in a world where even the plankton in the sea is needed for our very existence? Are we better than one species or another simply because of our minds and capabilities? Is there more to the apes in the trees? Do they know what we know, but choose to live in a coexisting manner where war is not a creation utilized for greed?
If we could only see the universe is in each and every molecule that creates us, creates the animals, creates the plants; then and only then can we see each of us must unite with neighbor and friends to see we are a whole. Together and only together are we the almighty god so many have created fiction over.

In continuation...

In continuation…
My most inspiring night was in the early nineties when I drove to Washington DC to see a Positive Force show. After picking up a friend in Maryland we arrived at the show in the basement of a DC church. Positive Force also booked another show just down the street and many kids were walking back and forth. The other show was of interest to me, but the bands at this venue moved me in ways other than just what my ears can hear.
This show was Rain Like The Sound Of Trains; who were later signed by Dischord; Farside; which added much needed emotion to hardcore; and Into Another; which revolutionized not just hardcore, but music as a whole. No band before nor after has ever created music like that of Into Another and with lyrics that should change the very heart of any person with a sound mind and open heart.
The bands, the lyrics, the vibe, the friends they all had a huge impact on me and the rest of my life, but not as much as one larger factor; Positive Force.
Positive Force booked shows to educate and entertain, but also to create an awareness of the issues in their own neighborhood. With the money generated from shows, they created soup kitchens, to feed those in need. The truly positive nature of Positive Force changed me forever and put a fight in me that I hope to only strengthen with each day I exist.
It's been 3 months since I have been to a show and maybe longer before that show, but it's not the show that is important. Sometimes to do what you love, you have to step away from what brought you to love.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

When the music stops…

After the show, it's time to put words in to motion. The sing along, dancing, and finger pointing have to be enacted. What your heart just poured out, your hands now have to create. This isn't another stage dive or pile on, this is the real thing. If you care for what you said and you mean it for yourself, your friends, all those you share life with, then you will create what you stand for.
Some times the music will have to stop and you will realize that was just a stepping stone into a pool of unending struggle that will only change when we step out of the words and but our efforts in to actions.
I'm not saying turn your back or forget the past. Just live it to the fullest with it in your heart and mind and make sure all those words come true.