Monday, December 1, 2014

Today's Racism

I once worked with a great man who had a solid work ethic that could not be beat. He never too a day off work except for Martin Luther King Day. He was a man of color who demanded respect not by force, but by his simple demeanor. He was born in New York and raised in New York, Queens to be specific. When he learned I was from North Carolina he said to me, "I have traveled all over this world and found the nicest people in the South. When people say racism is only In the South I have to interject and explain to them the worst racism I have ever experienced has been from Northerners."
With that said I am starting a new entry on this blog that gives a quick look into working in the male dominated world of woodworking.
I work with 4 other males, all from the South but one who is from Long Island. I have yet to hear anything racist from any of the men from the South. This entry will cover the things I have heard from the gentleman from the North.
First act of racism; "I lived in Bay Ridge, till the Puerto Ricans took over and ruined it."
Second act; Speaking to another Northerner he was asked if he knew of any good bagel shops, he said, "There was a good one I knew down the road from me but it was ruined when the monkey bus started to stop there."
Maybe there really is a bus of monkeys like that which traveled from New Mexico to Florida for Save The Chimps! If so I want to ride.

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