Sunday, August 10, 2014

History Repeats...

History repeats itself, but education can bring change.

Oscar Grant
Eric Garner
Michael Brown

These names and many more should be easily recognized, never misspelled, and we should never have to use a search engine to know who they are. These names should live in our hearts and memories.
I do not care what one's priors are, I do not care what one may have provoked, I care that unarmed people (mostly of color) were murdered for no other reason than fear.
If you take an oath to serve and protect then you must uphold it, not just for the integrity of your word, but the sanctity of those who also took the oath and to those who may depend on you.
A police training test is not much to brag about passing and carrying a gun while also wearing a bulletproof vest doesn't make you much of a hero. Police need to knock down their ego and realize MOST people have a higher education than they do. Most police officers don't understand the law as well as most people who have gone threw the system.
Police are not here to judge and murder.

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