Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thought Pattern

If Tea Baggers, Right Wingers, Conservatives, Preppers, so on; actually believed in defending themselves against the tyranny and reckless governing of the United States; then they would be standing with the people of Ferguson, Missouri and against the officer who murdered Michael Brown.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

History Repeats...

History repeats itself, but education can bring change.

Oscar Grant
Eric Garner
Michael Brown

These names and many more should be easily recognized, never misspelled, and we should never have to use a search engine to know who they are. These names should live in our hearts and memories.
I do not care what one's priors are, I do not care what one may have provoked, I care that unarmed people (mostly of color) were murdered for no other reason than fear.
If you take an oath to serve and protect then you must uphold it, not just for the integrity of your word, but the sanctity of those who also took the oath and to those who may depend on you.
A police training test is not much to brag about passing and carrying a gun while also wearing a bulletproof vest doesn't make you much of a hero. Police need to knock down their ego and realize MOST people have a higher education than they do. Most police officers don't understand the law as well as most people who have gone threw the system.
Police are not here to judge and murder.

Channel Zero, Flavor Flav Predicted The Future

Sarah Palin starts her own internet channel.

You're blind, baby
You're blind from the facts on who you are
Cause you're watching that garbage

Sunday, August 3, 2014


What does an astrophysicist know about gmos anyway? Probably nothing more or less than the general public. Yet Neil deGrasse Tyson's loyal followers believe every word he says. Tyson states, “I’m amazed how much rejection genetically modified foods are receiving from the public,” Tyson tells a French interviewer. “It smacks of the fear factor that exists at every new emergent science, where people don’t fully understand it or don’t fully know or embrace its consequences, and so therefore reject it.” This "fear factor" which Tyson speaks of reminds me of Albert Einstein's fear of a day when technology would overlap humanity. Truly this overlap has begun and not so much with food or gmos, but certainly with smart phones and human interaction. 
A lot of the debate in science is based on religion and ignores the fact that scientist often debate each other and come to different conclusion from their own theories and experiments. Again people don't want to see outside the spotlight. Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson have suddenly become the faces of science. Science has many realms, much more than just astrology and mechanical engineering. So when the followers of science believe every word from these two superstars of science, they themselves are truly not understanding and just accepting that and astrophysicist and a mechanical engineer can both explain all aspects of science as fact. This is simply not true. A woodworker may not be able to build a house and a carpenter may not be able to build a desk, yet the common person may think the duties are interchangeable because both use similar tools and methods to construct things. 
Many people choose to use resources as reason to debate an argument. Others may say, well you got your facts from someone who believes in aliens therefore nothing they say could be true, or you got your beliefs from the bible therefor nothing you believe is true. These assumptions are simple prejudice. We can all learn a lot from the people we disagree with and that has to be not only accepted but embraced and explored. If it were true that all actions from those whom we believe are not to be taken as fact then why are people accepting an astrophysicist who is host of a television show which is broadcast by fox, produced by seth macfarlane, and sponsored by corporations such as Chrysler and Samsung to know what he is talking about in regards to gmo?
It simply comes down to a multi sided argument in which all sides want to have the biblical control known as dominion. Just leave nature alone and nature will take care of you, or get rid of you. Either way is not wrong, if it is what nature does.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thought Pattern

What creates a breaking point? The anxiety of duration or the excitement of seeing the end?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Time

It's past time to throw more than a trash can through a pizza shop window. We need riots in the streets and real change to come and most likely by force. We have seen that voting does not work and changing from the inside leads you to prison or becoming an expatriate.
Too few are paying attention to Eric Garner and his tragic end. Some throw his criminal record at you  as if that is an indication he deserved death. The facts are his criminal record is petty and he was human with a family. The economy has always created the hustle. When the hustle is a crime, one will still hustle to care for family first. It's simple survival.
Spike Lee has stepped up as he always does and paralleled Eric Garners final moments with Radio Raheem's. From Rodney King to Eric Garner two decades later nothing has change and Spike Lee is showing that to the world.
I remember wanting to see Malcolm X in the theaters just to see the ENTIRE Rodney King incident and not just what the news broadcast were showing.
These are wake up calls to make a change and end this abuse from people who went to school just to be tough guys. The nypd is nothing but the last picked for the high school football team and they are trying to bully us all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thought Pattern

You don't put a few Sick Of It All songs on your iPod, you put their entire discography. Sick Of It All never wrote a bad song, just some are better than others.