Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stop Paying Taxes

You just do it and waste away as if it is the only thing you know. Well maybe it is, but there is another life. What is it you are working for? The house, the car the holidays? It's all too routine and ingrained in us to break the mold, yet in order to change this system of corruption and the rich getting richer while we just work, we must break the mold.
So find what you love and I'm not talking material shit here, just think of what makes you relaxed and calm. What ever that thing is, it's what you should do, and not all of you have found what it is that truly makes you relaxed and calm because work has deadened your senses and you have no idea what calm is.
Now what is your current work, because I'm not telling you to quit your job and squat in Zuccotti Park just yet. Go to your employer, ask to fill out a new W4. Take this new W4 and max out your allowances, by the way there is no max, but somewhere between 10 and 20 is good for most folks. Now return the new W4 to your employer and let it kick in. That's right a bigger paycheck. Take this extra money and do something for others. Maybe you want to rescue animals, feed less fortunate people, help a neighbor, anything, but make it positive and good for others and not just yourself.
Do this for about 3 months and see how it benefits you just as much as it benefits those you help. 
Now think of that in the manner of a government, because what you have just done is the basis of socialism. You have taken taxes (formally what the government was taking) and distributed it to others. Most likely you didn't do anything to need a cop or a fireman so those two socialist entities were not hurt too bad by your lack of taxes. You really just cut out the middleman known as city council, mayor, lobbyists, congressmen, senators, so on.
Here's another alternative. search for a job that you can work off the books or as an independent contractor. By taking this route you may not have to file at all, but just in case those contracting you do submit a 1099 for you, just ignore it, or you could choose to file it but not pay. Again, no middle man.
Imagine ending all that we dislike with government and politics by not contributing to it. If you don't like something, why buy it?
Work will become rewarding, and the rewards will benefit all.

Stop paying taxes and the wars will end, police brutality will stop, animal exploitation will end, pharmaceuticals will crumble, monsanto will have no support…
It's up to you, to stop paying for it.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Old News
Old news is worth repeating when others need to be set straight. Three members of WAR have harassed me on numerous occasions for photographing them at public protest. Each time they approach me it has been AFTER I have asked if I may take their photo and AFTER they have POSED for photos. This is just a small sample of the hypocrisy these people take part in to heighten their ego. 
A few years ago I assisted in a large open rescue which was halted by WAR's (specifically Camille's actions) for they wanted to go about the rescue in a legal manner. The legal manner would have left over 100 beagles and 4 primates starving as a court decided to allow the animals to be rescued. Call yourself WAR, but take the legal road. Hypocrisy!

Hoarding - 81 cats and dogs seized
Charlotte, NC (US)
Incident Date: Monday, Jun 27, 1994
County: Mecklenburg

Disposition: Convicted
Case Images: 4 files available

Defendant/Suspect: Camille Hankins
Camille Hankins, 41, who now lives in Charlotte, was was convicted of animal cruelty in 1995 after PETA employees found over 80 cats and dogs living in her North Carolina home on June 27.

Described in the Canada Free Press as "Chief organizer for "Win Animal Rights" (W.A.R.), a New York City subgroup of SHAC that regularly holds intimidating late-night protests at targeted Americans' homes", Hankins was reportedly running a rescue, called AnimalSave.

Over 20 volunteers arrived at her Lathan Road home to help bathe and dip the animals. Hankins had called PETA for help in placing the animals for adoption after she received an eviction notice, and the animals rights group was shocked at the condition of the animals they found. Hankins reportedly claimed that PETA declined to help her, and spoke only of euthanizing the animals. The animals were confiscated by PETA and most were treated placed in new homes - about 20 were euthanized.

PETA investigator Teresa Gibbs testified that the animals running around outside were in unshaded pens and suffered from mange. Inside, she said she found cats and kittens in cages, animal feces and urine on the floors and walls, and more sick animals.

In the State of South Carolina v. Camille Hankins, Brian M. Gibbons tried this case back in 1995. In the South Carolina General Assembly (116th Session, 2005-2006) Journal of the Senate (No. 70 - May 6, 2005), Gibbons wrote:

"My client was charged with cruelty to animals. She had in excess of 80 dogs and cats in her house. A representative of PETA charged her and we had a day long trial in magistrate's court in front of a jury. Significant for the intense media scrutiny, both regional and national with PETA. Client convicted, received a small fine and last I heard is still rescuing animals in North Carolina. "

Judge James Sealy fined Hankins $205.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It seems like just yesterday, i wish it were everyday.

I'm slightly confused…
I thought the Occupy movement was meant to lessen the control of capitalist corporations on our lives. If that were truly the case why do I have to go to Facebook to learn of Occupy events? Why must I download an app which will aggregate more Facebook pages? Why do I need to click on a google link to add OWS events to my slingshot, Oops I mean calendar.
Has the vision been completely blurred or rather bought by the fact that convenience is how corporations win. 
Once upon a time there were humans, more like the rest of the animal kingdom, no suits or ties, no patches on black denim, no police, no black bloc. Just good wholesome down to earth animals. These newly forming humans worked all day to find food for survival. All that changed with the idea of one being better than the other, the emotions of dominance and jealousy began to run wild in the human blood and it has brought us to where we are today.
I am no less afraid to go back to that struggle of survival than I am to go to jail for other's freedoms. I am certain it would lower the population through a kinder gentler culling than what the dominant corporations in our lives have begun to construct and enact on us. 
This dependence on corporations to get a message across has the very capitalist Occupy is against, sitting back and laughing. So how does one get a message across in this age of technology? First, most of this technology, including the methods you are currently using to read this, are part of capitalist society and have strengthened our dependence to corporations, so lets get rid of all of it. Lets walk out in to the streets, chalk bomb, flier, go door to door, every outlet we may find to get our point across to get a community to gather. Once gathered we keep in communication, phone calls, letters, visits, keeping in contact is key. 
Sure a lot of you may say this compromises secrecy and surprise attacks which police and other authorities are wanting to infiltrate, but so what. If we only congregate in fear of the opposition, then where is our conviction. We must congregate in embracing the opposition, knowing that they will certainly be there and that our opinions are ours and we will stand by them. This is what makes community work, being yourself, no matter what others think or do. 
So how will this anniversary begin and end? I hope it begins just as day one, September 17th, 2011, people uniting in every part of the financial district, community growing from yoga, to peace teach ins, to teacher and student unions, animal liberationist, all in one large area speaking their minds and receiving understanding.
Let's cut our own crap out of our own lives, lets become responsible beings willing to sacrifice for others knowing that it also betters ourselves.

OWS Occupy Sunset Park

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prisoner Support Defined

More and more active people are finding themselves in situations most would prefer to keep away from. These situations are put into place to make the rest of us fear action. The fact is very few are caught, the bolder one's actions, the more likely one is to be caught. It's not a game, it's life.
Heres a list of a few of the boldest. Please support them in any way you can.
Kelly Pflug-Back

Vanier Centre for Women

P.O.Box 1040
655 Martin Street

Milton, Ontario
L9T 5E6 Canada

Nicole Kish
Grand Valley, 1575 Homer Watson Blvd,

Kitchener, Ontario
 N2P 2C5 

Max Unit
 Atten: Nicole Kish

Luke Steele (A5023CK)
HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road,
Birmingham B18 4AS

Manuel C Salas #504212
P.O. Box 950 
Portage, WI 53901-0950

Walter Bond 37096-013 
USP Marion CMU 
PO Box 1000 
Marion IL 62959


8/15/2012 2:04:44 PM
Prisoner Support Defined
In this technological era of instant communication its easy for the internet activist (oxymoron intended) to lose line of sight with what is, and what is not, support for imprisoned activists. Here is a brief explanation of good prisoner support and why it’s important to the convict and the movement of Total Liberation.
As a prisoner there are four things that make all the difference in our lives. These are: money, letters, pictures and books/magazines and print media.
1. MONEY- While we are given the bare minimum in prison and jail to survive, funds make all the difference. Just as in the world outside of the walls and razor wire personal clothing like shorts, sweatshirts and even quality underwear cost money. decent hygiene costs money. Food (other than that given to you at meal time, which is not adequate, no matter what your diet, but especially on a Vegan one) costs money. As do stamps, sending and receiving emails, downloading music, phone calls etc. But unlike the outside world prisoners have no way to make money. Even with a prison job which if you have a good one might pay 50 dollars a month (maximum) the prison system gets to take up to 100% of that if we owe any restitution or fines. Therefore a few bucks is always appreciated by prisoners.
2. LETTERS- Prisoners have no way to stay in the loop, keep current on events, or know that anyone cares at all unless we get a letter. In this day and age thousands of people may visit a support sight or face book page. But in places like the CMU (communications Management Unit) for political prisoners we are not even allowed to receive printouts of those nice blurbs of support in our snail mail. Ask yourself, am I posting this to be part of an online community or because I support this person in reality? If so then send it in a letter. Remember while federal inmates have limited accesses to email we have NO accesses to the internet.
3. PICTURES- As a prisoner our world is visually depressing. Gray paint, concrete, doors, walls, bars, cages and razor wire. We see the same people everyday, no changes. Pictures of Animals, Nature, cities, yourself definitely are appreciated. I have a photo album and two cork boards in my cell. I pin pictures of nature to them to have some makeshift scenery on my walls and from time to time I flip through my photo album to remember what Vegans and Animals look like.
BOOKS/MAGAZINES AND PRINT MEDIA- prisoners have more time to focus on books than anyone else on the planet! But if they don’t get sent in there is nothing of interest to read. most jails and prison libraries stock used romance and fiction novels nothing of substance. A book or magazine will not only get read by the person you send it to but every prisoner that can get their hands on it! Books have a captive audience in prison. I remember when I was going to court in Salt Lake City books that I read and placed on the book cart quickly made the rounds and were read by hundreds of inmates. Most of these books are still circulating in that jail long after I have left.
This ‘Big 4′ is what you can do to support those of us that have lost our freedom, fighting for the freedom of the Earth and Animals. Prisoner support is vital for the P.O.W. that receives it but more importantly for the future of resistance. The reality is that jail and prison is simply the occupational hazard of Earth and Animal warriors. It’s important that would be and future liberators know that if, or when they face government oppression they will be supported and remembered as long as they spoke or fought for Mother earth and the Animal Nations and NEVER INFORMED ON OTHER ACTIVISTS. This is the circle that keeps Liberation a living struggle and not merely an idea or ideal. we’re in here for the Earth and Animals, you’re out there for us!

Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!
Walter Bond behind bars at Jefferson County Jail, Golden Colorado, Aug 2010
Abdul Haqq

Education Time

Monday, August 13, 2012

Manuel C Salas

I have been supporting prisoners for over a decade now and enjoy helping those who have helped so many and are now in a less than ideal situation. During my time I have sent books, written letters, and funded commissaries, I even joined the 22 day hunger strike for Pelican Bay prisoners.
Yesterday I received a troubling email from someone I respect dearly. She has done more for the freedom and ending of a war than any one person I can think of. This lady has written several books and self published them. On July first I wrote to her asking if I could purchase a few books and have them sent to prisoners. One prisoner was Manuel C Salas. Today I have received an email from this author stating Manuel needs a receipt in order to receive her book from prison officials. She hand wrote a receipt and sent it to Manuel. The hand written receipt was not enough for the prison officials and Manuel wrote back to her calling her a "dumbass". This is not the attitude I expect from anyone receiving a gift much less someone in prison receiving a gift. Manuel's situation lacks a lot of information and no means to contact those operating his support page. This brings to question if people may be using the AR community to gain support.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Welcome Back Canada

Two great podcast have been on long hiatus and are finally back with new words of wisdom. Wake up amerika, even Canada is getting pissed. LISTEN HERE

Well not an old podcast, but a new podcast from the folks who have brought us some great podcasts in the past.

Episode 1: “Please explain to me what our mandate is.”

Monday, August 6, 2012

If you see something, beat the crap out of a cop

When will the day come that we the people can drag a corrupt judge, a greedy executive, a dirty cop out into the streets, beat the life out of him and get a paid vacation for it?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eat your own words

americans have become scared of language. americans are taught via television and go forth to ruin real change by assuming their knowledge was given to them justly by the powers that be. We should not fear words, we should not assume knowledge. We must go forth on our own and learn for ourselves. Socialism is not bad, Anarchy is not terrorism nor chaos. Those who strike to bring change by means of protest are not looking for handouts. The americans I speak of, do not deserve to call themselves free. Freedom is in the heart, and too few americans have heart.

 Anarchism aims to strip labor of its deadening, dulling aspect, of its gloom and compulsion. It aims to make work an instrument of joy, of strength, of color, of real harmony, so that the poorest sort of a man should find in work both recreation and hope. –Emma Goldman