Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Van

The demise of the Green Bus has led to a new van with greater potential.


Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “I believe in god but I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E.”
We are nature, there is nothing more to question or ponder. from that fact we only have to live, care, and exist amongst what is given to us by the earth below, the depth of the seas, and the expanse of the air.
Of course that is too easy and someone must get ahead to succeed. One day someone reacted to the size of another's anatomy and the next thing you know everyone is humiliating each other and trying to cover humiliating areas. Then someone found a shiny rock, or learned a valuable lesson. From there one wanted what the other had and before you know it the second oldest profession of greed was created. Who knows how it got so out of control without others taking a stand, but it indeed did. Now people are taking a stand a few thousand years too late. Will this new stance take hold and become a value to society, or will it just get sucked into the norm and become a “new and improved” part of politics, society, and everyday culture? I’m afraid the latter is already in motion.
Look to our music of politics and rage. It has created a new culture with its own clothing, possessions, and values. Yet outside of that music culture the message and the meaning of rebellion holds little or no value. Sure you can quit your job, steal/scavenge food, but what are you really doing? I see no fires? This is an ongoing process of uprival and all I am seeing is a downward spiral of a new lower than low class coming from an upper middle class parenthood. Hit the streets and not just for the yearly meeting of the G(insert ever growing number here). The system is not set to destroy us its set to use us. Use it the fuck back! Dumpster your food, great, but when you are done set that dumpster ablaze and roll it right through the front door of an establishment that steals from the pockets of its employees, it’s consumers, it’s environment. Quit your job, but make sure others who want to work know why you are too selfish to help them when you chose to quit a job that could sustain your life as well as the lives of others.
Sure we all take jobs we do not agree with. The .org community can’t feed us all through employment. But what you learn and do with your skills in a workforce can easily become skills and efforts towards a community that can grow and strengthen from volunteering. Volunteering does not need to be an effort through an establishment, it can be an individual effort through caring and concern for others. We all pass a person of lesser income or fortune than ourselves everyday. Sit, commune, share some time with that person. If that person only wants money and that is all she/he talks about while you share time with her/him then I will be very surprised. Most people just want a conversation, some don’t even want that but just want the show of concern and a few friendly moments of time.
Take the message of the music out of the venue and put it into full effect with every once of effort and determination in which you possess. Take the skills of a job and don’t hate that the establishment can teach you skills to make this world a better place for all. Don’t let the capitalist ideals of profit for self and self alone bring you down to the bottom of a jobless existence that only survives off the labour of the generation before you. Share from all you know with those outside of your social circle, if not then we have become what we hate by only existing amongst ourselves and not sharing our values and outlook to others. Punk/Hardcore came to me trough a flyer on a downtown Raleigh, NC street while Christmas shopping with my mom. Years later it came to me through two cassette tapes given to me by a friend I rode bikes with. These were chance encounters to become who I am today, and with out the friends and enemies that came along the way I would never have opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart to do live how I live. SO get out of your comfort zone, go it alone for a chance and never, never speak unkindly of those who differ from you in effort and opinion. Don’t be the one who perpetuates the greed and don’t let the appearance and opinions of others keep you from being their peers and expressing your opinions. The greed of knowledge, lifestyle, and existence must end through community with all people different from ourselves.
Nature gives, we must maintain, not possess.