Thursday, November 27, 2014

POP! POP! POP! Culture

As society sinks into it's self created abyss I have refrained from reading or watching the news. I try to spend my time learning more about woodworking, architecture, and random nits of pop culture. Unfortunately death by police has crept into our pop culture and reading about another black man killed by a white cop can not be avoided.
I could go into how my disdain for law enforcement manifested as a teenager, but it is a moot point considering some people are born with this lack of respect based on their complexion. As I have said before this problem is based on white males fearing males of color for so many stupid unsubstantiatable reasons. Psychology, prejudice, media, culture, and a long list of ignorant reasons go into play when an officer grape his gun to kill (not injure or subdue) a male of color; and does not react the same when confronting a white male. These ignorant reasons MUST be addressed and corrected. All public servants from police to president must take fear out of the equation and stand up to be the public's protector they chose to become.

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