Monday, August 27, 2012


Old News
Old news is worth repeating when others need to be set straight. Three members of WAR have harassed me on numerous occasions for photographing them at public protest. Each time they approach me it has been AFTER I have asked if I may take their photo and AFTER they have POSED for photos. This is just a small sample of the hypocrisy these people take part in to heighten their ego. 
A few years ago I assisted in a large open rescue which was halted by WAR's (specifically Camille's actions) for they wanted to go about the rescue in a legal manner. The legal manner would have left over 100 beagles and 4 primates starving as a court decided to allow the animals to be rescued. Call yourself WAR, but take the legal road. Hypocrisy!

Hoarding - 81 cats and dogs seized
Charlotte, NC (US)
Incident Date: Monday, Jun 27, 1994
County: Mecklenburg

Disposition: Convicted
Case Images: 4 files available

Defendant/Suspect: Camille Hankins
Camille Hankins, 41, who now lives in Charlotte, was was convicted of animal cruelty in 1995 after PETA employees found over 80 cats and dogs living in her North Carolina home on June 27.

Described in the Canada Free Press as "Chief organizer for "Win Animal Rights" (W.A.R.), a New York City subgroup of SHAC that regularly holds intimidating late-night protests at targeted Americans' homes", Hankins was reportedly running a rescue, called AnimalSave.

Over 20 volunteers arrived at her Lathan Road home to help bathe and dip the animals. Hankins had called PETA for help in placing the animals for adoption after she received an eviction notice, and the animals rights group was shocked at the condition of the animals they found. Hankins reportedly claimed that PETA declined to help her, and spoke only of euthanizing the animals. The animals were confiscated by PETA and most were treated placed in new homes - about 20 were euthanized.

PETA investigator Teresa Gibbs testified that the animals running around outside were in unshaded pens and suffered from mange. Inside, she said she found cats and kittens in cages, animal feces and urine on the floors and walls, and more sick animals.

In the State of South Carolina v. Camille Hankins, Brian M. Gibbons tried this case back in 1995. In the South Carolina General Assembly (116th Session, 2005-2006) Journal of the Senate (No. 70 - May 6, 2005), Gibbons wrote:

"My client was charged with cruelty to animals. She had in excess of 80 dogs and cats in her house. A representative of PETA charged her and we had a day long trial in magistrate's court in front of a jury. Significant for the intense media scrutiny, both regional and national with PETA. Client convicted, received a small fine and last I heard is still rescuing animals in North Carolina. "

Judge James Sealy fined Hankins $205.


Anonymous said...

If it is "Old News" then why are you posting it?????

Anonymous said...

If it is "Old News" then why are you posting it?????

Exercise Compassion said...

I think I covered why in the first sentence, but gun jumpers rarely see past headlines.