Sunday, August 26, 2012

It seems like just yesterday, i wish it were everyday.

I'm slightly confused…
I thought the Occupy movement was meant to lessen the control of capitalist corporations on our lives. If that were truly the case why do I have to go to Facebook to learn of Occupy events? Why must I download an app which will aggregate more Facebook pages? Why do I need to click on a google link to add OWS events to my slingshot, Oops I mean calendar.
Has the vision been completely blurred or rather bought by the fact that convenience is how corporations win. 
Once upon a time there were humans, more like the rest of the animal kingdom, no suits or ties, no patches on black denim, no police, no black bloc. Just good wholesome down to earth animals. These newly forming humans worked all day to find food for survival. All that changed with the idea of one being better than the other, the emotions of dominance and jealousy began to run wild in the human blood and it has brought us to where we are today.
I am no less afraid to go back to that struggle of survival than I am to go to jail for other's freedoms. I am certain it would lower the population through a kinder gentler culling than what the dominant corporations in our lives have begun to construct and enact on us. 
This dependence on corporations to get a message across has the very capitalist Occupy is against, sitting back and laughing. So how does one get a message across in this age of technology? First, most of this technology, including the methods you are currently using to read this, are part of capitalist society and have strengthened our dependence to corporations, so lets get rid of all of it. Lets walk out in to the streets, chalk bomb, flier, go door to door, every outlet we may find to get our point across to get a community to gather. Once gathered we keep in communication, phone calls, letters, visits, keeping in contact is key. 
Sure a lot of you may say this compromises secrecy and surprise attacks which police and other authorities are wanting to infiltrate, but so what. If we only congregate in fear of the opposition, then where is our conviction. We must congregate in embracing the opposition, knowing that they will certainly be there and that our opinions are ours and we will stand by them. This is what makes community work, being yourself, no matter what others think or do. 
So how will this anniversary begin and end? I hope it begins just as day one, September 17th, 2011, people uniting in every part of the financial district, community growing from yoga, to peace teach ins, to teacher and student unions, animal liberationist, all in one large area speaking their minds and receiving understanding.
Let's cut our own crap out of our own lives, lets become responsible beings willing to sacrifice for others knowing that it also betters ourselves.

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