Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stop Paying Taxes

You just do it and waste away as if it is the only thing you know. Well maybe it is, but there is another life. What is it you are working for? The house, the car the holidays? It's all too routine and ingrained in us to break the mold, yet in order to change this system of corruption and the rich getting richer while we just work, we must break the mold.
So find what you love and I'm not talking material shit here, just think of what makes you relaxed and calm. What ever that thing is, it's what you should do, and not all of you have found what it is that truly makes you relaxed and calm because work has deadened your senses and you have no idea what calm is.
Now what is your current work, because I'm not telling you to quit your job and squat in Zuccotti Park just yet. Go to your employer, ask to fill out a new W4. Take this new W4 and max out your allowances, by the way there is no max, but somewhere between 10 and 20 is good for most folks. Now return the new W4 to your employer and let it kick in. That's right a bigger paycheck. Take this extra money and do something for others. Maybe you want to rescue animals, feed less fortunate people, help a neighbor, anything, but make it positive and good for others and not just yourself.
Do this for about 3 months and see how it benefits you just as much as it benefits those you help. 
Now think of that in the manner of a government, because what you have just done is the basis of socialism. You have taken taxes (formally what the government was taking) and distributed it to others. Most likely you didn't do anything to need a cop or a fireman so those two socialist entities were not hurt too bad by your lack of taxes. You really just cut out the middleman known as city council, mayor, lobbyists, congressmen, senators, so on.
Here's another alternative. search for a job that you can work off the books or as an independent contractor. By taking this route you may not have to file at all, but just in case those contracting you do submit a 1099 for you, just ignore it, or you could choose to file it but not pay. Again, no middle man.
Imagine ending all that we dislike with government and politics by not contributing to it. If you don't like something, why buy it?
Work will become rewarding, and the rewards will benefit all.

Stop paying taxes and the wars will end, police brutality will stop, animal exploitation will end, pharmaceuticals will crumble, monsanto will have no support…
It's up to you, to stop paying for it.

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