Monday, August 13, 2012

Manuel C Salas

I have been supporting prisoners for over a decade now and enjoy helping those who have helped so many and are now in a less than ideal situation. During my time I have sent books, written letters, and funded commissaries, I even joined the 22 day hunger strike for Pelican Bay prisoners.
Yesterday I received a troubling email from someone I respect dearly. She has done more for the freedom and ending of a war than any one person I can think of. This lady has written several books and self published them. On July first I wrote to her asking if I could purchase a few books and have them sent to prisoners. One prisoner was Manuel C Salas. Today I have received an email from this author stating Manuel needs a receipt in order to receive her book from prison officials. She hand wrote a receipt and sent it to Manuel. The hand written receipt was not enough for the prison officials and Manuel wrote back to her calling her a "dumbass". This is not the attitude I expect from anyone receiving a gift much less someone in prison receiving a gift. Manuel's situation lacks a lot of information and no means to contact those operating his support page. This brings to question if people may be using the AR community to gain support.

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