Saturday, June 14, 2014

Think For Yourself

I don’t have to side with obama for the sake of not being racist, and I do not have to side with hillary for th sake of not being sexist. I do not have to side with the republicans or libertarians for any reason at all. All of the above have done some terribly destructive, abusive, and anti human things. So what I really need to stand for is humanity, the animals and this planet; and say to everyone, politics is not working. If people go into politics they have a motive that clearly does not represent the people of the world. 
I can express my opinions without fearing media or social backlash. I can say that I side with cliven bundy on not paying taxes for federal land use. I can say I do not agree with raising cattle and his right wing racist stance. I can say I agree with some of the views of the so called extremists, amanda and jerad miller, that killed two police officers in Las Vegas, but I do not agree with all of their views and how they carried them out. Media and society, specifically social media have driven us to take abrupt sides as to wether we agree or disagree and not to sway in any way what so ever for fear of an internet slashing.
When Ted Kaczynski and his manifesto came to light most people acted appalled, but as some began to read his manifesto and not just take it as the media fed it to us, we all realized we agreed with a lot of what it said. Most hid this agreement for fear of appearing to side with a bomber who was killing people. This distancing is separating us rather than joining in conversations that could set us free. Rather than saying I agree with police being oppressors, we say that the right wing couple were crazy nuts, but were their ideas any different than the rest of us? Certainly most of us do not feel the need to kill people, but we do agree there is an oppressive presence happening in our society. This presence is worldwide, not just the US but abroad in almost every country. So rather than distance ourselves why not embrace the little things we do agree on and challenge debate amongst ourselves and government. 
This works for the bullying system created in our schools. We immediately vilify any attacker in a school or even business for that matter as if they were psychotic and mentally incompetent, yet we attempt to stop bullying because of suicides and other harmful acts that some are self inflicting. Can we not see that there is just the difference in reactions towards one who commits suicide and the one who commits a massacre with the use of violence? These people are the same until their final action is carried out. Therefor it is bullying that must be stopped and from that both suicide and gun violence will be quelled.

Too often we are arguing over a final product when the beginning of the production of these mindsets and to the outside factors (bullies, peer pressure, media pressure) are what must be stopped. Do not fear to hold fast to your opinions. Do not let the media, mass or social, create who you are and how you feel. You do not have to agree with the entirety of one mindset to have some feelings of similarity. Stop distancing ourselves from the truth and our own feelings.

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