Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How Does it Feel

How does it feel to know you will never do any of the things you say you will do?
Lately I have been berated by internet intimidators. It's strange to think some of these people are grown adults, at least in age, not maturity.

skyler purky
+Greg Straightege realy no damage? yeh you  didnt brake the window you made a crack on it but it stil counts as damaging the car ok this is what you shold have done you call the police thats all you need to do oh and if your threatening me (what you sed: I can beat on your face and it will do damage) i can sue you if thats what you want oh and also if you think i was threatening you with my first coment on this video no it wasnt a threat it was a warning to what i whold have done

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