Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thought Pattern (political)

First they went after Chris Christie for shutting down a bridge. Now they are going after Hillary Clinton for Benghazi.
Have we ever known who would make it to the final election this early? Do we care who is elected, as we already know it's only going to get worse no matter who is elected. Have we not realized that no matter who is elected, that person is not in control? Instead of mudslinging between parties why don't politicians admit they are paid for by the lobbyist who are then paid for by the corporations and non-profit organizations.
I'm not one to blame the corporations and non-profits for gaining control of government. The american people who shop at and donate to these entities are the ones to blame. Stop spending your money, and let them find other ways to manipulate politics and the people. Be sure, they will find other ways to get what they want, but in the meantime don't give them money to in turn put us in greater debt and fear.

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