Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bullshit Statistics

While I whole heartedly believe we need to use every means necessary to help our fellow Earthlings, I don't feel that lying or twisting things in our favor is the proper and long lasting means to developing compassionate beings. In an elementary method the above statements may be true, but just as a deeper sense of where the bacon came from, a deeper sense of where the Prius came from needs to be researched.
A Toyota Prius uses a 38 module Nickel Metal Hydride battery which contains Lanthanum and a motor containing neodymium. These items are known as rare earth metals and as their name implies they are rare. The Prius is the largest consumer of these rare earth metals and unless the evils of science are learning to create these rare earth metals in a man made environment they will be gone in a short amount of time.
Lets also look at the fact that the other part of these hybrid vehicles utilize gasoline just as most american cars do. Gasoline is a large pollutant and generates more pollution during its transport and refinery stages than the less refined diesel fuel which most large trucks and European cars use. Not to mention diesel fuel can be substituted with waste vegetable oils. Diesel may also be substituted with bio fuels grown from the earth but in this day we need to be more concerned with feeding each other than driving around the consumer population of this Earth.
We should also look at who we are supporting when purchasing a Prius. A large conglomerate is operating under the Toyota brand name which supports warfare, capitalism to the greediest extent, and a list of not so pretty items on their budget list that anyone can find issue with.
This leads me to the Mitsubishi dilemma and the censorship some have with the Mitsubishi electric cars. While Mitsubishi is no where near the advancement of Nissan in electric powered vehicles and neither can even closely compare to Tesla, Mitsubishi is still a strong contender in this market and has some great features and strong points. Yet supporting Mitsubishi supports again a large conglomerate that reaches beyond the limits of "green" and environmentally friendly. The most noticeable of Mitsubishi's atrocities is the near extinction of Bluefin Tuna. Mitsubishi is gambling on depleting our planet of Bluefin Tuna in hopes to increase the price of these fish on the open market. Bluefin Tuna is considered a delicacy for making sushi and sashimi. Mitsubishi is dragging our oceans in hopes of capturing all the Bluefin Tuna and freezing them for cornered market which will ultimately have to end at some point, but in that time Mitsubishi can name it's own price.
On to solutions to the want for fuel and the need to be green. Not wanting is the very best solution but buying used is the best solution if it is needed. Americans need to loo closer at the diesel market and better yet the biodiesel market. Mercedes and VW diesel are simply tanks that will last multiple generations. If a truck is needed there are several to choose from such as Dodge with a Cummins engine or a Ford with and early or pre Powerstroke engine that can last a lifetime all the while working hard.
The only problem with Biodiesel, is we will need people to fry up some unhealthy vittles in order for us to stay propelled.

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