Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The problems at hand; animal exploitation, execution as punishment and no reform, corruption, racism, sexism, classism, greed, all problems that have one root; humanity. If we look inside ourselves and see freedom within our hearts and minds, stop fighting for the American dream dangling 3 inches from our reach; we will solve all the problems of the world. Life in a third world country has shown me that the title "third world" only exist to lower the expectations of the people here while at the same time bringing the dream of a western world for the people to want to buy and consume as westerner's yet on a third world income. Life is very simple for people living outside the knowledge of the Western Civilization. You wake, you tend to crops or gather food, you eat, you sleep, you repeat. That may sound mundane and boring to all who have lived the 9-5 and hate their position in life, but what is life really meant to be if not simple? Know one really knows what he or she wants so they put all their hope in a god, government or other entity hoping it will guide and tell them right from wrong.
In order to live simply we must see we do not need what we want. We are not our jobs, we are a greater being than can rise to help one another in order to put each being on this planet at the same level of respect. We have technology to build weapons, but not the philosophy to know not to use them.

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