Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Defense

We can not go on blindly thinking our efforts are enough and that our moral meter is balanced. As long as the capitalist machines are weighing against nature, we must counter their efforts until nature is once again balanced. We are Turtle Island and we are the God each religion turns to for forgiveness. It is in each of us to do the most in this struggle to bring nature in to the foreground of our lives and rid greed from our eyes.
On Wall Street and government establishments across the world people are standing up, not backing down, and moving the message that we are what control our lives, not capitalists, not lobbyists, not bureaucrats. This standing up for change is all encompassing. It is for the rights of all people regardless of race, gender, preference, class, or birth. This voice does not hold true to a political party or to a preference of union, but only to people.
This is to be carried further to the Animals, Air, Oceans, Land, and all beings we share our lives. We must continue the momentum left in the wake of so many arrested, so many killed for the simple freedom of nature. Many are behind us in spirit, many are with us in thoughts.
Maria do Espírito Santo, José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva, Barry Horne...

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