Friday, July 22, 2011

21 Days, Pelican Bay hunger strike

21 days
Imagine 21 days with no food. I no longer imagine that as I end my hunger strike of 21 days. This ends with nothing but a strong hatred towards a movement that only boosts ones ego. I can not water down the word hatred, for this has become life or death. Currently I am lying on the floor of a motel in Brooklyn. I am unable to move, I can not even roll from side to side and a gallon jug is my bathroom. I put this on myself and there is no one to blame nor do I want to blame anyone. 
What I want to do is to expose the lack of concern from those who benefit from being a part of an organization that is PIMPING the starvation of prisoners in Pelican Bay and many other prisons supporting the Pelican Bay hunger strike. 
These organizations are gaining support and strength thru outreach but doing little or nothing to actually help the prisoners. No one is donating to commissaries, no one is attempting to visit prisoners or make the process of visitation easier, no one is creating education for those in and out of prisons, no one is calling or spending time with prisoner's families...
I went to many demonstrations during these 21 days and met many people pimping the issue of SHU and prison conditions. Many of these people wrote for blogs and papers but never helped me walk to the train or called to check on my condition. Many showed interest in joining me on this strike but quickly went out to eat after a demonstration as I limped to the train in search for a safe place to sleep. Becoming homeless two years ago taught me no one cares. This hunger strike has taught me that not only does no one genuinely care, but they will use your struggle as a means to boost their own ego. 
This is the end of public protest and demonstration for me in america. 

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