Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Time

It's past time to throw more than a trash can through a pizza shop window. We need riots in the streets and real change to come and most likely by force. We have seen that voting does not work and changing from the inside leads you to prison or becoming an expatriate.
Too few are paying attention to Eric Garner and his tragic end. Some throw his criminal record at you  as if that is an indication he deserved death. The facts are his criminal record is petty and he was human with a family. The economy has always created the hustle. When the hustle is a crime, one will still hustle to care for family first. It's simple survival.
Spike Lee has stepped up as he always does and paralleled Eric Garners final moments with Radio Raheem's. From Rodney King to Eric Garner two decades later nothing has change and Spike Lee is showing that to the world.
I remember wanting to see Malcolm X in the theaters just to see the ENTIRE Rodney King incident and not just what the news broadcast were showing.
These are wake up calls to make a change and end this abuse from people who went to school just to be tough guys. The nypd is nothing but the last picked for the high school football team and they are trying to bully us all.

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