Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where Does The Mind Go?

Where does the mind go…
For one to commit self immolation?
The mind suffers emotional trauma just as the physical body does. Each and every emotion leaves a scar or a reaction which can be positive or negative and we may choose to grow from them in what ever order we see fit. We can lead ourselves down troubled paths simply with thoughts in our minds. Or we can experience pleasant dreams, just with our thoughts. It’s not always up to us to persuade our emotions in to right or wrong. A long list of life’s experiences and memories can convince us to do or not to do acts that ultimately change our future.
It’s all in the past some may say, but it is even stronger in the memory we have collected and in how we chose to categorize such memories of good and bad. 
Will this person react the same to what I said to that person? Will a hello or goodbye trigger a positive or negative reaction? Is it left up to the chemicals or to the will?
We don’t have answers, only thoughts. 

To be mute may be bliss, to be blind may be visionary, when words and actions are simply what we make of them.

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