Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Empathy and Courage

These are the only two ingredients needed to change situations for the better, for all.
Are you the one willing to feel what others feel and put those feelings into motion in order to help all of us?
A couple on the street are arguing. She begins to talk on her cell phone, maybe for comfort, maybe to call someone to help. He slaps her and knocks her phone to the ground. As he stumbles around picking up the pieces of the phone (phone may double as a metaphor for his life), she stands in shock and awe as if George W. Bush just passed over her body. Others nearby, some as close as 10 feet, are witnesses to the entire situation are in shock as well but no where near what the girl just struck by the man.
Do you do something? Or do you stand there and watch? Maybe even go as far as talk to others about what is happening or even call/text a friend as to what you just witnessed.
A co worker has a child that he must pick up from school everyday. His work load fluctuates from day to day, but the time his child gets out of school is the same everyday. When his work load is heavier than yours do you go home when your schedule is over or do you think of that kid waiting for his father to pick him up?
Both empathy and courage are in us from birth, but like most of our born instincts we cover them to fit in with society. To uncover these traits we must be aware of all around us. This person affects you and your actions affect everyone around you. It's not what would you do, but what would you want someone to do for you.

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