Monday, September 9, 2013

Chemical Weapons, A Way of Life

I never thought I would make it to the age of 40. Now I am only two days away from my 40th birthday, and I still don't know if I will make it to the age of 40. Since I graduated high school in 1991 I have seen nothing but war. Kuwait, Iraq, Drug War, Iraq again, Afghanistan, now Syria.  Two days and I have no idea when the streets of New York will look like the streets of Baghdad with artillery on every corner just to protect any business that uses currency. 
We currently live in the hand of capitalist who line the pockets of politicians to obtain loopholes and status in a game of corruption. The best example of this is tom vilsak. tom has supported and pushed for many issues that support not just monsanto but many other agri-pharma capitalists. Now Tom sits at the head of agriculture in the united states by means of appointment from barrack obama. monsanto and agri-pharma may be best known for currently poisoning our food, water, and air, but just a few decades back they were known for bigger and better things. monsanto is the great creator of a substance that was transported in 55 gallon drums that were painted orange. The orange drums lead the substance to be known as agent orange. I'm sure many americans who fought in Vietnam either by will or draft still know this substance all too well. Many most likely still suffer the consequences even though VA may refuse to admit it exist. Many Vietnamese are still born to this day with debilitating birth defects caused by this poison killing everything in sight.
So obama wants to go to war over the use of chemical weapons, yet appoints the crony of the largest chemical weapons manufacturer to head of department of agriculture. I won't even begin to dwell on forced vaccinations, fluoride and chlorine in the public water, toxins in the air, the legalization of alcohol and nicotine, yet the illegalization of marijuana. It makes no sense and the American people are asleep to the shocking truth of these hypocrisies. 
It took the first black president to turn the Nobel peace prize in to a joke. obama has taken war and peace to another level of imbalance that may just wipe humanity off the planet, at least as a dominate species. And humanity losing its seat at the top is the only thing good to come out of this.

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