Sunday, December 30, 2012

269 Scam

So the vegan world is in a flurry of excitement as 269 is tattooed on many a person to celebrate...Celebrate what exactly? A few people in Israel got branded in public and made a spectacle of themselves and a martyr of an ear tagged animal #269, but not a single animal was rescued in their escapades. What about actually rescuing an animal or better yet, since you are in Israel, stand up against your countries terrible abuses towards Palestinians and the destruction of homes and land which not only affects the humans but all life in and around the areas of destruction and chaos. Don't just make failing attempts at theatrics, make statements with the safety and liberation of those less fortunate than yourself. For those getting the tattoos to symbolize an animal who suffered a terrible death, think about who you are supporting in a tattoo shop. Yeah maybe they used vegan ink, but what about the art supplies, the paper, the soaps, the ointments, what about the artist's appetite that took your money down the street to buy a hamburger. Support real vegans in real vegan tattoo shops. Don't support those who use vegan inks just to acquire a few more clients.

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