Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life changes every day

Two years ago this day I watched 3 friends cornered into the elevator room of our squat and dragged out onto the streets and deported back to Mexico. Since, one has made it back to NYC.
One year ago this day I was in a place that I always wanted to travel, today I wish I never knew of the place.
Things are changing some for better and some for worse. We must pay attention to our actions and our concerns and put our own lives back in order while helping others do the same for themselves. We are not alone in this world and we should never think such.
Humanity puts more demands on the natural world than any other force on this planet. If we are to choose living over dying we must change our lifestyles without hesitation and realize we are all connected, like it or not, your neighbor, the homeless, the animals the trees are all our conjoined twin. Chang and Eng till death.
All of humanity is the 1% and if you want the 1% to change then change yourself.
Happy days of outrageous mass murder and excessive waste.

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