Sunday, June 24, 2012


Since returning from Galapagos I've tried my best to forget all that I witnessed there. My first weeks in Ecuador helped me to come to the conclusion that I can do the most in the area of the world that I am from and that I should clean my own yard before attempting to clean others. I felt this may become the case well before I left for Ecuador and only solidified the thought each day I was away from the States.
Now months after returning I feel I am making more of a difference although it is very difficult to see any changes in this system.
So here I am able to show some of what I witnessed in Ecuador and Specifically Galapagos.
A few people have been very adamant that the Goat eradication program worked and that no Goats exist on Galapagos. I saw thousands of goats while in Galapagos. Those declaring a success with the removal have never been to Galapagos.
See for yourself.

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