Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bad Apple

His name is Jason, with flames tattooed up one arm, a trim goatee, his apple t-shirt and iPod name tag. He looked like any hipster working in an Apple Store.
I was in the Durham, NC Apple store for about 30 minutes when 3, African-American kids around the age of 17-19 walked in and began to use the computers. There excitement to have access to computers was evident with each of them saying, "Facebook time". They barely got a key stroke in when Jason approached them and asked them to leave. I was in shock and asked Jason why they had to leave when the store barely had a dozen people in it and I had been on a computer for over 30 minutes. He tells me they scare customers away. I offered the solution of separating them to computers scattered around the store and he tells me I need to speak with his manager. His manager arrives quickly with a police officer and I am escorted out of the store before the 3 kids had even made their way to the exit.
This all happened in Durham, NC and as much as it tries to be a progressive area of the world, actions like this keep it firmly planted as a typical Southern racist town. What is the purpose in denying 3 kids the use of computers. I have yet to go into any other Apple store and be given a time limit as to how long I can use a computer or even talk on an iPhone, yet these 3 kids couldn't even get a chance to view a single web page.

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Love.Meditate.Realize said...

Thanks for speaking up & for sharing what happened. It's important.