Monday, December 27, 2010

Vegan and the human factor

I don't pay taxes. I won't pay taxes.
As a vegan I can not justify paying for a country to dictate my enemies and kill them. Not only do taxes pay for war, they also subsidize vivisection. So why would I choose to not eat from another beings body, not use products that test on another being, yet at the same time pay for the US Navy to use sonar that disrupts the communication of whales and leaves many dead? But the testing of and indirect killing of animals is besides the point. This country kills people. Is it not vegan to not want humans to die? Do you not see a connection between your dollars and their murder? Or is this just too extreme and risky for you?
Often vegans tell me to just pay my taxes and the IRS will leave me alone. Yet no one from the War Resiters League has told me to eat a steak.
Too many vegans are having social hour to raise money to pay for the administrative fees of some org. Meanwhile I used my personal hard earned money to rescue 347 animals, feed 58 less fortunate people and with help from
others give away 4 bikes to homeless people that I share my living space with.
Now a simple question from an old song, "what the fuck have you done? Get out, do more, with what you have.

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